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Friday, August 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Erie, Pennsylvania on 1975-11-18 20:01:00 - Settled down to watch barney miller, noticed lights through window, got up to see & vehicle turned sw and hovered silently for 1/2 hour went back to watch b.Miller, show was over, i know what i saw

It was in 1975, it was the beginning of november a thursday night, (a school night). i was settling down to watch barney miller (sitcom), we had a large bay window in our front room, i was distracted by what looked to me were headlights shining through the bay window, and i thought to myself who would be on the gas line trail this time of night ( it was a popular 4 wheeler trail and snowmobile trail) however there wasn't any snow on the ground,i got up to see what was going on, i was watching coming from n.E. and it turned toward the s.W. that's when it turned and i could see the broadside of a red glowing object! i went on to the front porch and observed this craft floating across our fields on our farm, it was red glowing object and i could see a craft through glow, it had windows and beings on board (3)i watched the object until it floated out of sight! i was pretty distraught, and was shaken, however the cold from the crisp november night finally i realized i was cold and better go back inside ( i was completely mesmerized and couldn't take my eyes off this object). i went back inside the house and barney miller was over i watched this object for a half an hour. i know what i saw & nothing can convince me it was anything but a craft that originated somewhere else off planet! thank you for your time. i told this story too very close friends, and that was when i realized that i was losing a lot by telling the story, but i'm too old to care what other people think, take it for what it was!

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Credit: MUFON

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