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Friday, August 11, 2017

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UFO Landing in Kettleman City, California on 2008-08-08 04:30:00 - An apparent meteor performed like a spacecraft.

This sort of stuff can only happen to me. after my life was threatened one too many times in greater los angeles, i went up i-5 and saw the lemore nas sign. i remembered art bell’s show had discussed the place, so i grabbed a room at the super 8 in kettleman city, ca. i’m a writer as well as a licensed clinical social worker (lcsw) in my “past life,” so i got up early to write on the morning of, as best as i can recall, august 8, 2008, or cutely 08-08-08. as my motel coffee brewed sometime between 4 and 5 a.M. i was admiring the clear predawn sky when what i thought was a shooting star descended. my first “micro thought” was “kind of slow.” i did my exhale of appreciation as it dropped behind the motel sign. next? the object shot up into the sky where it had started in the time of a finger snap. i exclaimed, “my shooting star just did a u-turn!” then came the “air show” of what the ufo community calls powered or “intelligent maneuvers.” it seemed i could talk to the object, it heard me, and responded. i said, “aw, i’ve seen that before” during an acrobatic routine i had long ago concluded was a 1986 u.S. military “drone show” to have me ranting about “flying saucers.” this craft did some of the same tricks, but also stood still. thus, i could perceive a hull. definitely not “swamp gas,” and not a cloud or anything but a spacecraft. as i mentioned on the phone, i think a private company built this craft and they fly it out there. it may be stored at lemore, where the navy base has no water or airplanes, but they sure have plush base housing. i was questioned by a navy police officer for taking a photo of the bus stop off the base which he directed me to delete from my later seized by lawmen, stolen, and ultimately stored by crazed criminal kinfolk fuji digital camera. not fiction; all truth. i later saw a “conference charlatan” who sells a lot of books hanging around the motel. if you want a name, get me to my long overdue movie deal meeting. i’m tired of being trapped in substandard motels over this sighting and much more. i suspect the craft is like a “scout ship” that can exceed the speed of light. it made no sound whatsoever and imitated a 737 as it glided over a mountain range to end the show. i will never forget that night. hope you share this and have a comment or two. i do still have a photo of what i jokingly called an “alien landing strip” out there. we might wonder together why a female in a military uniform drove by in a small pickup truck before i took the photo. this is called “psy op” and “disinformation.” there are no e.T.’s folks, and i fear the astro-fools headed to mars on orion won’t make it back alive. have a great california day…i hate it out there!

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Credit: MUFON

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