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Friday, August 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in McHenry, Illinois on 1963-06-30 00:00:00 - Was seen under tarps on a military fat bed truck.

My older brother and his friends came in saying the radio station ( wcfl or wls out of chicago) said a ufo had crashed in bull valley and they were going over there. they came home much later and said the military had all the roads blocked off and people were removed from the area. later a convoy of military vehicles with flat bed trucks with really large things covered with tarps came out and they all left the area. we lived in rural area where everyone knew everything and talked about it. nobody would discuss this. a few sad they were told not to. years later a classmate did a term paper on all the weird things that had been happening in bull valley for decades. he had researched it in the plaindealer, the town newspaper. he did not mention the event and i asked why not. only a couple of kids acknowledged they remembered it. they all said they were told to never talk about it. i was about 10 or so and can not remember the exact year but know it had to be around 1963. in my classmates term paper he did talk about livestock mutilations and a number of odd happenings. years later thee was a circular scorched mark where nothing would grow and people said that was where it crashed. bull valley had a reputation with the locals. it was a place that made people uneasy and a lot of them would not go through there after dark. i do not speak to my brother. his name is rick biggerstaff. he lives near round lake. he thought it made him seem weird and would not talk about it later. two friends who were probably with him were kenny gross and mike warkatein (sp not sure) they all went to wauconda high school. this was probably their jr. or sr. year. it was never in the town paper which reported even trivial events, so that was really odd. i am watching a documentary and they mentioned the flat bed trucks which made me remember it and i have never seen this reported on any show i have seen. so i thought i would report it.

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Credit: MUFON

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