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Monday, August 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Spencer, Idaho on 2017-07-22 00:00:00 - 8 people of various ages witnessed this bright light maneuvering in the night sky experienced lost time and five had bloody noses after the event

I did not witness the light or lost time as my wife and i had gone to bed but i was one of the five that had a bloody nose the next day. there are 8 people who witnessed this event and it would be best to get each one's experience from them personally. this happened at a camping spot in the stoddard creek drainage, forest road 002, july 21 through 22 from 11:55pm to about 1:49am. the witnesses can remember approximately 30 minutes of the encounter but time lapse was approximately 2 hours. no one can account for the lost time. one person had a very bad bloody nose that night, myself and one other had bloody noses the next morning, and there were 2 more people that had bloody noses around the same time. what witness told me ... 11:55 pm to 12:10 am, light was observed in the same canyon as campsite below tree tops moving erratically, up and down, side to side, very bright and large. came down the canyon towards the campsite but stayed towards the top of the ridge. when it came within 100 to 200 feet when a low humming noise could be heard. stayed on the course down the canyon until it was slightly past our position then disappeared, it reappeared about 1/4mile away on the opposite side of the canyon and disappeared over ridge. noticed a wired almost triangle plan fly overhead with navigational lights that were all wrong.

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Credit: MUFON

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