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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lancaster, Ohio on 2016-01-24 16:45:00 - 3 minute encounter with a hovering/ shape shifting fireball. photo evidence

My mother was driving me down fair avenue in lancaster, ohio on january 24th of 2016. we were headed west bound when at approximately 4:45pm, we suddenly seen a fireball soaring through the sky. i began taking pictures as my video wouldn't record. we followed a few blocks and watched it suddenly slow down and begin to change shape. it had been almost a full minute we had been following it when the fireball became something else. a shapeless hovering mass in the sky. after only a few seconds it was moving back up to its original path and began moving faster than it had when we originally spotted it. we followed on for almost 20 more blocks, in which time 3 minutes had passed since the initial sighting began. when the hypnotizing object slowed to its original speed it seemed to start ascending higher. we found ourselves chasing it, until the direction it was headed was beyond a hillside full of trees and no way to access it. we chased it for as long as we could, and took some very intriguing photos of. i have been searching for answers since that day, which led me to other more unusual sightings and ufo phenomenon. i still have no idea about the reality of the fireball. however as a side note, the much larger sun is visible in the sky in some of the photos. the photos taken were taken with iphone 6s+ so they are live photos.. so they do have playable video on other apple devices.

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Credit: MUFON

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