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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Orange, California on 2017-06-01 02:01:00 - Me & my friend witnessed a very large triangle with 3 lights on each corner, then after a minute it's started to become smaller and split into a total of 3 triangle with lights on each corner of the triangular shaped ships

So this was in newport beach, ca around 11pm at night, me & 3 other friends were driving down pch. so my 2 guy friends were sitting up front as the driver & passenger, & my friend gladys & i were sitting in the back of the pick up truck sitting facing each other because the back of the checy s10 truck is designed that way. so as me & gladys are looking out the back window of the truck that overlooks the bed, we both look up and notice these lights and we saw a triangular shaped object with 3 big lights on each corner of it. we both immediately look down towards one another to confirm we are both seeing this as it's happening... so we look back up and sure enough it was still there. but it seemed to be following us and getting bigger by the second. then after a minute and a half it starts to get smaller, then it divides itself into 3 smaller triangles with lights. after another minute it just starts moving around and then it becomes one triangle again and. goes up and disappears as the triangle becomes 1 distant light in the sky, then it is completely gone. none of us recorded this because we were too in shock to even think! lol. dunn thing now is that i have this lovely symbol on my ankle and it popped out of no where! i will attach a photo for your opinions. it's been on my ankle for a few months now and i'd like to know what it is....

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Credit: MUFON

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