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Friday, August 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in London bridge, on 2016-02-29 14:24:00 - Long.Sliver crome slow moving made birds flying actions abit different

Having just walked over london bridge i was standing on the hump just being myself i did feel a bit funny in saying whiles looking back on he some few months after i did get to notice of the 2 birds going crazy in the flying actions of birds also of me thinking what's wrong with me as i fingers was behaving funny like if i was playing my trumpet to also i did get to see the sliver chrome ufo skip on the left side of corner of the screen that ufo in having lost the film footage of this i was wearing a red nike hoodie also you can hear me shout out to a passing police car of me stating i am out so have now know of why i was feeling funny by my actions of fingers if like was a trumpet i have seen two types of ufo ships at same place first on the 2012 london games i was on the hump writing i am a world record breaker in wording of this facts i was in a feelings of something then i look up to a black triangle lights flashing ufo ship also in this i jumped down to walk over the bridge in me doing a few steps on the bridge railing on the film yet again lost footage' but i got full recall of what i did see and what happened like i had lost my balance and at the time i never knew that the ufo ship had a brim on as looking back on this film also in mind having lost the phone my asking of myself if i had lost my balance should not the film be showing the pavement or the railings in me trying to get my balance i can remember trying get my balance but in the film you see no pavement or of nothing at all just on this mist vapor kind of brim that had covered me then soon you can see my black boots and the railings again this happened once near the hump of me finishing i lost balance again yet that mist vapor brim was on again for few seconds then i done the walking over london bridge never knew at the time of they had a brim on also of them having saved my life that morning so yeah

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Credit: MUFON

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