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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 2017-01-01 19:01:00 - Hovering

Re: human trafficking in ft. worth, tx via us naval airforce base. the very center of texas is exactly parallel in latitude with jerusalem, israel to the euphrates/tigris rivers. ufo cover-up. -----first, that an exact latitudinal line exists from the very center of texas (approximately brownwood, tx) to jerusalem, israel. to get the best and most accurate latitude reading is at brownwood or brady, tx which is about 10 miles outside the very center of the state, a site marked off by the texas highway department on highway 377, but with a map you can plainly see the latitudinal alignment with jerusalem. -----brownwwod' s latitude is 31 degrees 709320, and if you will stretch the line over to jerusalem, israel which has a latitude of 31 degrees 768319, you will realize the almost exact measurement (two decimal places?). with only a naked eye, you can see this measurement that is right in the center of the land mass and the state of texas right in the middle of north america and south america. ------furthermore, fort worth is almost exactly parallel with bethel, israel or "jacob's ladder" or what the bible says is "heaven's gate." and of course fort worth is the home of lockheed martin, bell helicopter, general dynamics, meacham airport, dfw international, ross perot airport and the us naval airforce base, etc. what a big coincidence, all that transportation. -----also, they say that abilene, tx is named after the old roman ibilene region of israel. the us carswell airforce base is there in the same area of fort worth. -----i am writing again to report to you that i am 99% sure that the area 51 in nevada and roswell, nm incidents that were moved to fort worth way back in the 1940's and 1960's were for a project to supply the alien/angelic troopers via their spaceships for their base with just this, supplies mostly consisting of food. you can only guess what else. -----have you ever noticed all the cook children's hospital(s) in ft. worth, all 15 mostly empty buildings. why? and one right on the santa fe railroad track. one cook's children hospital on rosedale dr. is full of refrigerators, but why are all these big buildings empty? storage, i am 99% sure. for meat and other supplies up to the spacemen. will you please review this information for yourself. what and why was the ufo crash in aurora, tx, just north of fort worth back in the 1890's? geographic center of texas the texas highway department placed this marker on hwy. 377 between brady and brownwood. the cracked marker explains that the actual geographic center of texas is five miles from this spot on private property. about 500 yards south of the marker is a rest stop. - see more at: brady is a city in mcculloch county, texas, united states. brady refers to itself as "the heart of texas", as it is the closest city to the geographical center of the state. the geographical center of texas is about 15 miles northeast of brady. the population was 5,528 at the 2010 census. it is the county seat of mcculloch county. city name brady continent north america country united state state texas county mcculloch capital and largest city na area 11.5 sq mi (29.8 km2) lat long 31°7′56″n 99°20′29″ jerusalem, israel latitude and longitude coordinates are: 31.771959, 35.217018. jerusalem is one of the largest cities and the capital of israel. the population of the city is about 800,000 people. jerusalem is considered to be one of the oldest cities of the world, and its historic landmarks and monuments are hard to count. the capital attracts millions of tourists from around the world, and is one of the most visited places on the planet. jerusalem, israel geographic information country israel latitude 31.771959 longitude 35.217018

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