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Friday, August 18, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Chennai, Tamil Nadu on 2017-08-12 19:10:00 - Tokyo have a ufo

I am a chinese, i study in tokyo. my english is not good, please forgive me�bi am on the way home, found the sky is blue, sapphire like the sky, never seen in china. and then pick up the phone to take pictures, home and found that there are ufo in the photo.At that time when the camera, the sky is no exception, no sound. there are very few people around, i do not know if anyone saw that i found in my picture. this photo using iphone shooting, no modification traces, you can view.I can only provide these information, for the ufo association to do their own strength. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‘å‰æ�d�c‰ä�¥ˆê–¼�ý“ú–{—¯šw“i’†�‘—¯šw�¶�c‰ä�ý“ú–{东‹ž”â桥‹æ‰ñ‰æ“i˜h�ã�c发现“v‹ó”ñ�í“i蓝 ‘åšc“i蓝�c�[蓝�cˆö为‰ä�ý�‘“à–v—l见过 �šˆè‰ä—pžèš÷”��æ—¹�b‰ñ“ž‰æ�@�c‰ä发现‰ä“i�æ•ð—¢—lˆê˜¢ufo�c‰ä这张图绝对–v—l�c‰ü过�c‰âˆè查šå�b “–时”�摄“i时œó�c–v—l”c‰½异�í �º‰¹�y么“i�cž§šž这�æ•ð—¢“i东�¼ �^“i�d‘œ电‰e—¢“iufo�b 这�¥‰ä�š—l”\够—¹‰ð“i�b 谢谢�b

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Credit: MUFON

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