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Monday, August 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Creve Coeur, Missouri on 2017-08-21 13:15:00 - 2different objects one black with red/ green lights, one consisted of 4 orbs/ lights together

At 1:15 p.M. august 21st i ventured outside to my front porch to watch solar eclipse as it was almost complete to witness to the left of it north by northeast a bright blair's white red object bright as venus in the early morning. trying to figure out if it was a planet or star but couldn't be a planet as it was not on the normal plane of rotation on sky. if it was a star i was thinking maybe the eclipse had askewed the star light making up 4 different orbs together with different lights. i stopped watching the eclipse in focus all my attention on the lights 20 degrees north of the sun. still staring at the illuminus lights of object. the sun went to full eclipse, and a second object appeared a mile or so next to it on left. a small black looking sphere it seemed with a red light at 9 o'clock and green at 3 o'clock, one turned off as the other turned on repeating. now i'm staring at two objects. the illuminus orb like object had electric blue color on right side and red on left and white on top like 3-4 orbs all in one. i looked for 2 mins or so. then as total eclipse started to move on and end the biggest bright one, noticably 5-10 larger than black object, moved in a straight path north by slightly ne. stopped instantly, hovered for 15-30 seconds, and continued on same path again fast as a jet fighter. the craft did not start slow and accelerate, it just went from 0-fast instantly away from a stopped position. the same craft continued away till beyond trees in my field of vision. the second object, sold black, eery to see in a blue sky, lost flash of green light as sun starting to get brighter, and then only red light visible. then red light disappeared, and it was a solid black object floating but not moving. then it too took off on same exact flight path as larger illuminus one but did not stop. went from 0-fast instantly. and it too went beyond trees in my field of view. when i first went out on my porch and was staring at the orb which i thought was a star there were two airplanes in the sky. one behind it cruising at high altitude 25000 or higher and a second one heading east low under 5000 feet away from st.Louis int' airport. all this was within 10 miles of stl airport so i would think it should have been caught on radar. these were not helicopters or harriers the only military crap that fly over are f-18s. the two objects i saw where none like any aircraft i had seen military or civilian. and helicopters cannot achieve fast flight in less than a second plus these objects moved as fast as an aircraft 450 mph or faster instantly away from me. i did try to use my camera phone to capture pictures, i got two, but the camera would not pick up the same visual effect that i could see with my own eye and then switch to video and started to get an image but my phone shut off because of a bad core in my battery, as it is a three year old phone. the pics is a bright dot in sky like all other pics and does no justice as to seeing with own eyes, wish i had hd digital camera at time, but this lasted 5 mins or so as eclipse happened.

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Credit: MUFON

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