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Friday, August 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2016-02-16 22:00:00 - Red lights streaming through sky over las vegas desert near mt. charleston

It was in mid february in 2016 around 10 at night, and i was out in front of my house because my friend had texted me that the moon looked cool. i can't remember what particularly about it made it look cool, but that's irrelevant. i was sitting on the sidewalk, watching the sky when i began to see flashing red streaks, almost like a missle, arching through the sky. maybe 1 would be visible every minute or so. my initial thought was that it was coming from one of the near by army bases, because we have them all over southern nevada and one really close to the mountain range by my house. it didn't make sense though, military testing that close to the city had been outlawed years ago, and the object just didn't seem like a human aircraft or weapon. at that point more had flown over, arching, then cruising, then dissipating. they seemed like a missle, yet it could have been a bullet shaped craft i was mistaking for a missle. as they flew they had a trail behind them emminating a goldish-yellowish-orangish trail. the shape and behavior of the trail resembled that of a comet. the noise they made were somewhat aircraft like, kinda like a jet taking off but also with a sort of roar/rumble that was loud to the point it got uncomfortable. the only way i can describe it is as if the sounds of a taking off jet, a taking off rocket, and a revving sports car were combined then put through an amplifier. i was extremely scared, having 15 minutes into witnessing this seen maybe 20 or more ufos either arch off tword mt. charleston (south) or towards my neighborhood (east). they came from the dresert (west). at that point i got so frightened i went back inside, and attempted to lay down and sleep. i was so anxious about it though, i didn't sleep very well, extremely worried as to what the things were and if they could hurt me/ my house. i haven't seen them again, but i have since moved farther away (more inland las vegas) from that mountain range and from that military base.

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Credit: MUFON

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