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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mississauga, Ontario on 2017-08-15 21:45:00 - Saw bright white light object hovering in the air, then slowly began traveling up and disappeared without a trace

I was on my bed watching a video at night, and as i casually looked outside, i saw this bright white light object hovering in the sky, quite low about tree top level or a little higher up. it hovered for a moment, then slowly began traveling up in a straight line. i took a video on my phone(but am unable to upload, because it was a snapchat video recording), and in the time it took me to post it, which was a second, it was gone. i looked up and around and even went out on my balcony to see if it was still in the area, but it was gone without a trace. i looked out my window some more, and could see the sky above my building out of my window and over the building across from me. i watched planes go by shortly after this, and watched their flight pattern, to see if i would be able to view them flying over my building and the one across from me, which i could do with no problem. as i observed the planes, i noticed that their lights-compared to what i saw- were very different. the lights on the plane looked more yellowish and i could see the two blinking lights underneath and hear the engine of the plane. what i saw, had three white light, moved very slow, appeared to be round, like a sphere/disc or tire on its side(that type of shape but i am assuming much larger, due to the distance between us)and appeared a bit closer than the planes. even as a plane flew over the building and became closer, it was still quite a far distance away. what i saw was much lower and closer than a plane and had absolutely no sound. i felt excited, stunned, and eager to find out what it was that i saw. i documented pretty much exactly what i am writing now, and continued to look out to the sky, searching for the thing that i saw. i believe this to be my first ufo encounter

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Credit: MUFON

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