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Sunday, August 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Colton, California on 2017-08-16 20:27:00 - Mid sized object hovered and sped above apartment community. noticed observer and fled from view. may have emitted sound with personal relevance as warning and other noises to effect witness.

I went out at about 8 to get food but i realized that i did not have the gate remote so i turned my car around before exiting the apartment property and went back for the remote. i was also riding my smart balance hoverboard to speed up my travel from home to car, and back again. upon returning i saw some lights in the air and thought it may be a helicopter because i thought i heard the sound of one nearby, but the lights did not seem to be illuminating the surface of the object. i thought this was strange and had the sense that this may be some sort of stealth or covert aircraft that was not meant to be seen. so i pulled out my phone to get video. i was also concerned because it was directly over the center of the complex and it moved fast and made unusual turns and rotations in vertical ascent. then it began to hover above the buildings and parking lot right in front of me i could tell it was good sized and looked robotic and was cube shaped about the size of a half the length of a car and may have had 1 to 2 appendages on the leading side. as i filmed it, the object noticed me and reacted as though startled like it wanted to hide or cloak. but then it stayed in place for a moment like it realized the futility of hiding since i had been watching/filming. i could hear a soft hum or swishing sound and audio emissions similar to pilot or police type radio chatter and the audio then changed through a staticy transition and i thought i could hear faint playback of my wife saying my son's name 2 to 3 times as though a threat or warning, then it made an evasive move out of my view behind the buildings in front of me. i was shaken and could hear interference in my car audio and had issues with my phone right after. when i returned from purchasing our dinner idid see a real helicopter flying over our area possibly to search or investigate the object but i wasn't certain. later that night i could not get the swishing sound that the object made out of my mind as though it may be projecting the noise at me from outside, to the point that it drown out the sound of my wife's voice. the feeling uncontrollably led to drowsiness and i was out asleep rather abruptly. the object moved and behaved intelligently and may have been a heavy duty drone of a type not seen publically, a fully robotic military or extrestrial object or a midsized craft large enough for 1 or 2 smaller pilots. if it was a commercial drone it was not a type that i have seen as a commonly known hobby drone due to size and flight capability but may be a cutting-edge technology explainable possibility. i could not confirm what it really was, but the experience shook me.

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Credit: MUFON

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