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Monday, August 7, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Morganfield, Kentucky on 1987-09-20 20:00:00 - Me, my brother, and my sister saw this creature not of this world on date given outside our church

My sister, my brother, and i were in church one night. i wanted to go home and watch a particular pro football game instea, so i begged mom to let me go home. mom said i can go home and watch the game but had to take my brother and sister with me. we exited the church doors and usually would jump off the church porch and cut across our driveway to our porch, because we lived right next door. but on this night we walk down the church porch to the street. there is a streetlight out there so it was well lit. when i got to the street i turned and looked at the church and saw two huge, glowing eyes shaped like ostrich eggs curiously staring at me and my brother and sister. the eyes were 9-13 ft from the ground and they gazed at us. this lasted for 10 seconds. i said to my brother,(never taking my eyes off the being ) "do you see that?" he said "yes!" at the moment of seeing the being i felt not afraid but more aware that it was not of this world and curious. it examined us as if it were surprised that we could see it. i told my brother to run back in the church. we all ran back in the church crying to mom. she sent us up to our church pastors. we reported what we saw and they prayed for us.

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Credit: MUFON

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