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Friday, August 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Colusa, California on 2014-10-31 00:00:00 - Woke up to a entity looking through window at me and lights behind it.

I was sleeping in the second story bedroom, that has a small window that looks through downstairs out through large living room windows and glass front doors, so i can see the street in front of my house. i awoke to see a being, that had a round head and round black eyes. it looked like a charlie brown character, and it was starring at me from the street looking directly at me. i turned my face away and moved to the side of my mattress that was on the floor and hid my head behind the pillow, so i could hide myself and peek over the pillow. i looked and it was still there and it started floating toward my house starring at me, its human form was dressed in white. then i saw car lights coming down the street, and i thought, "well now its going to get run over". the being turned into a grey rectangle and as the car drove through it, it disappeared for a moment and reappeared, still starring at me...I was scared and thought this being may hurt me because its intense stare, and i experienced the gray rectangle march 2013 abduction series of events. the only noticeable feature i could see on its face was 2 wrinkles on either side of each round, black glossy eye. a half sheer curtain on the front windows was like a vail, right below his eyes the whole time...Even when he floated from the other side of the street up to the window, so i couldn't see a mount or nose. i got up quickly and went to the kitchen to get the video camera monitor that views the street and front porch. i turned it on and saw 3 lights, like in a wide base triangle. top lite was half blue and half white. the light was light a crystal radiating, glistening, exactly cut in half blue on top and white on bottom, it was very radiant...The 2 other lights were tear drop canister's each emitting a beam of white light....One in front and one in back... i thought that's not a car, it doesn't have a red tail light. the tear drop head and tail light looked like police search lite type of shape and had a ring just behind the light. i didn't see the round headed being anymore, and the craft slowly hovered down the street to the west, out of site of the video monitor screen. i didn't see a craft, just the lights to whatever it was attached to, i don't know. i returned to bed.

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Credit: MUFON

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