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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Georgia on 2016-11-13 18:57:00 - A sphere/orb kept appearing in my photos that i took of the super moon last year.

On the evening of 11-13-2016, about a little before 7:00 pm, i went outside of my house to the front yard so i could take some photos of the super moon. i had my iphone camera on and i faced towards the east and the right front side of my house. i looked up at the moon first, then i raised my phone to take a couple of pictures. almost immediately i noticed an extra "spot" of light in the photo next to the moon. i raised my phone again and looked through the lens and saw the spot of light, but when i lowered the camera i didn't see the "spot" by the moon. i checked one of the photos then by zooming it out and noticed something that looked like a blue ball next to the moon. i thought it was funny, because it looked as if the moon had a little planet next to it! at this point, i thought my lens might have something on it, so i went back inside and cleaned both phone lenses with an alcohol wipe. i went outside again to the front yard, raised the phone, looked through the lens and saw the same "light spot" once more. now i'm thinking the street light is somehow interfering with my photos, but i don't see how, because the street light is behind me and past my driveway over my left shoulder and approximately to the southwest. it is also a bit hidden behind one of my trees. over the course of the next 3 hours or so, i am going in and out of the house to finish the dinner dishes and cleaning up and also wanting to get more moon pictures. at one point, my son tells me maybe the orb/sphere in my photos is "lens flare" but i don't know what that means. ☺️ towards the end of the evening i go into the backyard because it's darker there and the upper porch lights are off, so i think i'll get better pictures. i'm standing on the porch stairs and facing east/southeast and taking pictures above the trees and once again i get the same bluish orb in the photos! when i looked at them later, i noticed the sphere would be in different places in relation to the moon even if the photos were taken seconds apart and also if i didn't move the camera very much. there are 17 total photos and the orb appears clearly in 11 of them and in the rest i just see some colorful streaks or smudges for lack of a better description. one of the last photos i looked at with a magnifying glass and it looked as if a grayish or white outline of a sphere was right over or in front of one of the trees in my backyard. that kind of made me feel weird to see that! i hope you can analyze the photos and tell me if it was something or nothing. thanks!

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Credit: MUFON

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