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Sunday, August 6, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2017-08-05 00:00:00 - 1st report early 2017. case given to ken jordan san antonio chapter. presented my abduction video last month at mufon meeting. first red alien w abd video.

I witness ufos and orbs daily during the day and at night. i have hundreds of pictures and videos. i am learning that i have been abducted by total of 6 times. last night as i do any evening that i'm outside, i put my phone on record because it's just a matter of time and they come. at this point i have seen 20 or 30 different kinds of crafts and aliens themselves. they do talk on my videos in which i did a presentation last month here in san antonio at the mufon meeting. last night i witnessed one of the largest metallic cylinder ufo i've ever heard of. it was right in front of my face. a different ship picked me up and that's where we went. i have photo's and a partial video. i cannot recall if they even do anything to me besides when they put me out to put me on the ship placing me on a silver table. i have also set in seats and looked out windows. i'm not terrified and they've never hurt me. they did have me for the first time place my face in a very large round silver contraption that was form-fitted to my face. i was in an upright sitting position also on my video. i'm not sure what exactly they were doing the test for. i do have a diamond shape scoop between my eyes in which a paranormal investigator stated inside changes almost on a daily basis. i got it on video and was able to take pictures. one of the aliens actually took a picture of me sitting at this contraption. it was almost like a black light inside the ship. i have witnessed every color, shape, size and at this point i can count 20 or 30 different aliens. the most at one time last night. hungry howie's able to capture most of them in the video last night. when we got to our destination it was a very dark place it was lived in there were different looking aliens colors and entities all together. i even got a picture of an alien with a baby strapped to his back and it was smiling. one of my favorite pictures now. attached is the huge cylinder ship that was already at destination point. i am interested in sharing all of these with you. what stands out the most is when an alien told me your god is our god. after i told him that i believe in god and i read his word the bible. i find this very important because a lot of the world believes that if we knew for a fact there were other civilizations, religion would change. god is, was, and always will be our great creator.Thank you so much for your time.

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Credit: MUFON

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