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Saturday, August 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hammam-Lif, Ben Arous on 2009-06-13 00:00:00 - It was like a dream.The object was so clear and i could see it with all its details.And it was so close to me

It was a summer night. my 3 cousins and i were spending the night at my granma's house,a mountain beautiful house where you can see the mediterranian sea right in front of you.We were talking, laughing. suddenly, my cousin asked me what was that bright light in the horizon flying just above the sea. i told her it was probably a star, it looked like a star. and i continued talking. she then screamed: i moved!! i looked back at it again and i found it was not moving. i told her she was imagining things.She swore it moved.I decided to stare at it and suddently, the bright light started moving right, and then went back to its spot, and then left, and then back to its spot. we were surprised and tried to analyse the thing.Suddenly, the objct started moving with a phenomenon speed going towards the mountain, which was on the right of the house.It moved silently and then stopped mid flight, then it riversed gear, then moved forward, then riversed gear again and then moved forward again. then i saw its shape , clearely, it was so close.It was like a disc, with a fish tale form on its back. blue and red lights were flickering all around its surface. it stopped a moment, projected a light from its below, it appeared that it was landing, and disappeared behind the mountain. the weird thing is, it remember the event lasted a minute or two. the atatched video will show you it lasted 5 minutes, and i didnt film all the event. plus, my cousins don't remember the event as clearly as i am. and i feel like some pieces are missing. it is a bit blurry when i try to focus, especially with the time thing. apparently it lasted for many many minutes. and i discovered that i have the video only days ago. i dont remember filming it, i remember taking a photo of it and my phone at the time had a poor camera quality so i put it down 'cause it didnt show the real form of the object. i remember that i was soooo excited and happy during the event, waving to them etc my cousins were scared. i wasnt. i'm still so curious about what happened that night.I hope you help me to make the video more clear. thank you

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Credit: MUFON

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