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Saturday, August 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Algonquin, Illinois on 2012-03-17 23:25:00 - Large slow moving black square shape with rows of white lights 10:30 pm algonquin, il

Unusually warm night (about 70 degrees)at about 11:25 pm in march 2012. date may have been 3/17. opened screen door and stood on 2nd floor balcony of my bedroom. no leaves on trees. my residence is across the street from the fox river. my balcony faces the street and the river. enjoying the unusually warm weather, i stood in my underwear on my balcony just before going to bed. i looked southwest down the river toward the downtown area of algonquin. i observed the normal lights with a normal halo of ambient light from the streets, businesses, etc. i noticed some lights higher than the buildings which caught my interest. they were white and numerous. couldn't make out a form or pattern. the downtown area of algonquin is approximately 1 mile south of my residence on n river rd. i stood on my balcony, enjoying the slight warm breezes at that time of night. i noticed after a few minutes that the lights were moving very slowly heading north above the river. i strained my eyes to observe the lights because i was looking thru the tree limbs that made the lights flicker on and off. i thought this is rather odd and kept looking at the lights. after about 15 minutes the lights came closer and were higher than my row of 50 foot high catalpa trees along the road. i could now observe a large black form moving very slowly (1 or 2 miles/hr.)with rows of lights. all lights were white except for a red light at the front on left end on a row of maybe 10 lights. this front row of lights was 90 degrees from the heading of the object. joining this row of front lights was a row of white lights running back along the length of the form to an end row of white lights 90 degrees from the objects path, just the same as the front row of lights. the only difference between the number of lights, white colored lights, was a green light at the left end on the rear row of lights. i believe i could hear a very slight hum, but it was almost undetectable. at that time i realized that i was probably observing a ufo. the object continued in a ne direction and disappeared over the wooded hills east of the river. the height of the hills (the river valley) are about 100 feet. the craft/object just past over the height of the hills. i would guess the object was about 150 to 200 feet above the river. it was big, probably 400 to 500 feet long and 50 to 75 feet wide. the only thing i thought it could be was a blimp, but it would be very dangerous to fly a blimp that low and at that time of night. i drew a diagram of the light pattern the next morning and showed it to friends at a downtown algonquin billiard hall the next night. i do not know the exact number of lights in the pattern nor do i know the size of the lights because i had no reference point to estimate any size comparison. the path of this black form came from the horizon se of the downtown area of algonquin, over the downtown area and ne along the fox river and over the hills about 1.25 miles north of the downtown area of algonquin. i now wish i tried to shine a flashlight at it to see more of it. don't know if that would have helped since it was at least 500 feet from me. i didn't try to take a photo because i didn't know what i was seeing until it went over the trees and at that point i lost vision of it in about 30 to 45 seconds. i knew i was seeing something very strange and i recall trying to memorize the light patterns. i have lived at this location for 25 years and this was the only time i saw this object. however, i just observed some strange lights recently and i will make a separate report. i am used to the light s from commercial jets coming from the west to land at o'hare airport 25 miles east of me. this object was not anything like those light patterns from commercial jets.

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Credit: MUFON

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