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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Doylestown, Pennsylvania on 2017-08-02 12:08:00 - Two black spheres traversing the skies on edge of heavy stationary thunderstorm

To preface - i am a landscape photographer so i am always watching the sky looking for unusual and strange skies. a weird storm front has been peppering the phila area with near stationary storms since the end of july. today, aug 2nd around noon i was driving with my girlfriend to pick up some photo prints and i passed through one of the storms. very strange clouds and lightning. we arrived at a red light near the edge of the storm and looked i up at the sky. there was a break in the clouds up above and i looked up towards the top of the storm clouds around it in time to see a small weird black sphere like object moving steadily from my left to right at what looked to be a high speed. i watched it for a moment and for a moment i thought it was a balloon caught in the wind until i realized that it was moving too steadily and a bird or balloon would be getting thrown around in that wind. the object did not appear to have any natural qualities to its appearance or movement - too straight and the conditions were too windy for it to fly steadily as a bird. no sound, no wing movement, no lights or glow. i was willing to pass it off as a balloon or bird in my head as i was watching it happen until i noticed the other, identical looking object speeding up to it from behind as if it were chasing the first object. the leading object then slowed down, they got next to each other, and both continued at a new steady pace in unison until they went over the trees to my right. at that point, the light turned green and i couldn't see them anymore anyway so i drove on my way. no missing time, and no strange malfunctions at that time although her phone has since been acting strange. no idea where they went. i do know in all of my photographic experience i have never seen birds move or behave like that, even in fair weather. my girlfriend said they moved like "jets"

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Credit: MUFON

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