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Monday, August 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Peachtree City, Georgia on 2016-11-13 18:57:00 - Taking pics of super moon and saw blue orb thru camera. it appeared in almost every photo and in different places each time.

On 11/13/2016 i went outside of my house to take photos of the super moon. the time stamp at the beginning of the series of photos was 6:57 pm and the last photo i took was time stamped at 9:16 pm. it was a nice night and visibility was good and the moon was bright. i started in the front of my house looking toward the east and the back side of the house and looked at the moon with my eyes before i raised the camera for the first picture. i used my iphone camera, and when i focused on the moon, i also saw an extra "spot " of light appear in the camera. i lowered my phone and didn't see the "spot" with my eyes. there is a street light behind me past my driveway and over my left shoulder as i was facing the moon. i took the photo and saw the "spot" in the photo with the moon. i had my reading glasses on and zoomed the photo out and saw the "spot" better: it was a blue orb! i thought it was funny because it made the moon look like it had its own little "moonlet" next to it! i then got an alcohol lens wipe and cleaned the lens on my phone, because i thought the lens was dirty and maybe it was projecting something into the photo. well, each time i went back outside to take more photos during this approximately 3 hour time period, the blue orb would appear in the photos. i would lower the camera and not see it with the naked eye, but after taking the photos, it would reappear in my photos. the number of pictures i took with the orb showing is 11, possibly 12. the orb is in different positions in successive photos. it appears at the lower left of the moon, above the moon, to the right, etc. i also took photos in my backyard where it was darker because i still thought maybe there was some light interference from the street. my son suggested it could have been something he called "lens flare" which is something i don't know about. there are 17 photos total and some are zoomed out, some are regular focus, and others show streaks or something like smudges of light for lack of a better description. i thought it was cool, and i haven't seen the blue sphere show up again in any of my other recent photos to date. i hope someone can analyze these and figure out what, if anything it was and how big it actually was and the distance from my house.

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Credit: MUFON

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