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Monday, August 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on 2017-08-21 03:50:00 - 3:33am huge orb of light, appeared flaming, with edges showing green, red and yellow depending on how you look at it. ascending over lake michigan sw until out of site

At 3:33am on 8/21/2017 i witnesses an orb of light, with the appearance of a huge flaming object rising over lake michigan. at first site i figured it was a standard airplane lining up to land at o'hare. i came back 2 minutes later to see the object in the same spot, but slightly smaller, as it seemed to move se away from my vantage point. then i noticed a normal plane flying in the distance (not approaching chicago, but provided comparison between the two objects). the confirmed airplane sighting had sequenced flashing red lights, with a dull, white base-light. the unidentified object (ufo) i speak of had a much brighter glow - to the point of saturation when looked at through binoculars and no flashing lights at all. the ufo had a strong fire color as it's base making up the body of the object. this was a huge light. it looked like it had a crown with three triangle tips, it was s bright - but i cant be sure if this was again light saturation. the edges of the objects would change from bright green, yellow and red depending on what angle i viewed the object through my binoculars. however, these were not flashing or sequenced in any way. it was really just how i looked at the object through my binoculars. looking straight on, the object was a singular gold flame with the shape resembling an oval blob. the shape did not have any specific edges or directional vectors to create any unique shapes. the object remained in view for over 30 minutes ~a full hour, when it went behind a building and i could no longer see it. the object gave the appearance of moving south east (east heavy) across the lake (away from the chicago shore line) it could have been one of those lanterns people light on fire and let off into the sky. but - i don't believe it was, as it was much bigger than any normal lantern i have ever seen. also the flame remained incredibly vibrant for over 30 minutes and as it ascended se across the lake into the sky. i was able to snap some scrappy images of the light through my binoculars on the tripod - however, this low light made for a super blurry pic. but, this might help identify some other features. please note: image 1/3 is the best to demonstrate shape & the colors i was seeing. images 2/3 - 3/3 were streaked due to movement from my hand in this low light shot.

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Credit: MUFON

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