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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Schererville, Indiana on 2017-07-28 19:35:00 - Round bright white object appearing and disappearing in the sky, not moving in a linear path.

On friday july 28th 2017 at around 7:35p.M.. my girlfriend and i were driving northbound on indianapolis boulevard (u.S. 41) to fill up our propane tank for our 6 year old daughters birthday party. while driving into a city called schererville in, i noticed a round very bright light hovering high in the bright sky on the west side of the street. the light was so bright, i would describe it as a spotlight glaring right into my eyes, that it caught my attention in the bright blue sky. i told my girlfriend to look in the direction of the object and to take video of it with her phone. after having difficulties with her phone i told her to use my phones camera. she brought up my camera on my phone and proceeded to video the object. at first she could not see the object because the object would dissappear and reappear. but when it appeared she saw the object and took video of it until it would dissappear again. the object would ascend and descend appear and dissappear moving from the west to the east and back again. we tracked the round object for some time until we made it to our destination. while filling our propane tank we told the attendant about the object and all of us were scanning the skies to see it, but we could not find the object in the sky. after filling the propane tank we jumped back in our truck and proceeded northbound on indianapolis boulevard once more to our next destination to buy party favors and balloons for the party. while driving northbound and scanning the skies we saw several airplanes, i then told my girlfriend to try to video some airplanes for comparison to the object we saw. after driving a short distance and scanning the skies for the object, we once again saw the object on the east side of the street. again it was appearing and disappearing, moving from east to west, it did not have a linear pattern. she again took video of the object until it dissappeared. we then made it to our destination and went into the store to buy our supplies. by the time we came out of the store it was getting dark and we could not find the object in the sky. after arriving at home i took a really good look at the videos. in the videos the object was round and bright white. after zooming in on the object i noticed that the object had a black spot in its center. while looking at the video of the airplane, the aircraft was further away but you can clearly see the fuselage, the wings, and tail of the plane. after reviewing the videos with my girlfriend who is a flight attendant, we both are in agreement that the round bright white object we saw was clearly not an airplane. fyi. i am attaching 2 still shots from the video that we took. the first still is just a "frame shot", the second is the same "frame shot" but it is zoomed in. if you zoom in on the second shot you will get a closer look at the object.

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Credit: MUFON

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