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Sunday, August 27, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on 1964-01-10 00:00:00 - Unknown

I was 21 years old. i was working as a travelling salesman. i was driving a 1964 4 door sedan ford (dark blue in color). i finished my sales appointments in edmonton alberta canada and my next stop was to be in saskatoon saskatchewan. i remember thinking if i went to sleep in the late afternoon i could then get up around 11pm and travel to saskatoon and save a days expenses by getting there in the early morning. so around 10;30 pm i checked out of the mcdonald hotel in edmonton and started to head out to saskatoon. i remember looking at my gas guage and seing there was around 1/2 a tank left. i looked for a gas station but could not find one open at that time of night. i was pulling a u-haul trailer filled with heavy clothing samples and thought i'd have no problem reaching loydminster alberta/saskatchewan. which had an all night trucker stop open 24 hours. half the town was in alberta and half the town is in saskatchewan. i then headed out.....The wind was blowing light grains of snow across the barren highway. i remember reaching a semi trailer....There wasn't a car on the road. there was a courtesy thing with truckers in those days, when you approached them and flashed you brights on and off they put on their bright lights and you turned your lights totally off until you passed them. that was the last thing i remember doing!!! i did not have enough gas to get to saskatoon as its an 8 hour or more trip pulling a u-haul and furthermore i had to keep all gas receipts for my employer. the next thing i remember is coming to and awakening to a bright sunny morning. i remember seeing the bright snow that covered the sides of the highway and a sign that said "saskatoon" one mile!!! i remember feeling amazingly rested and very alert... however, since that day i began to feel somewhat out of place, like i did not belong??? this feeling to this day has haunted me. i feel as though """something in me is missing"""...I don't know what nor can i explain but i do know i have flashbacks/dreams to floating and being terrified and very confused and to this day i feel like part of me is not supposed to be here?? i dont want to come across as a nut case since its been 54 years ago but thought i'd write you my story because if i shared it with anyone which i have not they would think i was crazy... thanks for listening... respectfully barry goldman

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Credit: MUFON

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