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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Wickersley, England on 2013-09-23 00:00:00 - Seen as a child and have had many more highly unusual occurances, mainly at night and with high static atmosphere around me and some kind of electrical or gravatational force applied to my body...Like some sort of scanning mechanism but no apparatus.

I first saw a blackish purple flat diamond shaped ufo as a child,maybe 7 or 8 years old just above the tree canopy's in my old village. the object from underneath looked like a mix of black and dark purple with a shimmer of dark green colours,it reminded me me of a smooth circuit board but much less cluttered and much more sophisticated as i look back. it had grooves and bits that looked like they were cut away,but it even though it was past 5p.M and light...It was still hard to make out, it seemed blurry like a heat wave was under it. it had dull red lights,some a greenish colour and i believe i saw some dull blues but they seemed inset. many years later as an adult i have been awoken by many strange occurrences. the first i thought was sleep paralysis and the others i put down to night terrors but i strongly feel otherwise now.. as i've matured in intelligence and in my emotions,along with my consciousness i very strongly feel this has been a regular occurrence throughout my life. i am not saying i have been visited by aliens or beings off world but i will say that i'm open to the possibility....Only after i've exhausted ever other possibilities first & its getting closer to this possibility. i was awoken only a month or so after the 2nd occurance looking up through my skylight window by what seemed to be like minature lightning hitting my big toe and then slowly travelling through my foot and into my leg but i managed to shake it off with what seemed like the hugest effort of will power and concentration. only a week ago i saw a blobby looking mix of multi coloured flashes in the sky,i fist thought it to b a star or a planet...But i have invested in a telescope as these occurances seem to happen to me on and off regularly. i looked through the telescope and was absolutely astounded as i saw the undefined lights zip up down diagonally left and right....In an instant. i've seen a cigar shaped object in plane sight with my 2 nephews somewhere over the bolton on dearne or gold thorpe area...And now.....Im starting not just to see things but feel them...Or presences of some sort....Like my mind...My consciousness is beeing shared or observed in some manner...Please can some one at least talk to me as i feel iyl be ridiculed if i bring up this subject....I would prefer to keep this private.

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Credit: MUFON

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