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Sunday, August 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Baxley, Georgia on 1992-01-11 21:10:00 - Rectangular shaped object, entire surface glowing red, descended out of the sky, hovered across the highway

The event occurred in the early 1990s (i cannot say for sure of the exact year). i had picked my sister up from her boyfriend's house and we were returning home, traveling southbound on highway 15, 7-10 miles south of baxley, georgia, approaching the highway's intersection with ben weaver road. the air was cool that night and there were no other vehicles on the highway. what initially caught my attention was an object quickly descending out of the sky, coming in from a westerly direction. at first, i thought the object was a meteor, since it had those characteristics of one, glowing yellow/red, quickly descending on an angular path to the earth's surface. i pointed the meteor out to my sister and said, "look, a falling star." however, the "falling star" did something we did expect: it changed it's course. within a few hundred feet atop of 150 feet tall pine trees, the falling star leveled off it's trajectory and hovered over the pines trees. there were no sounds, no vapor trails, and no marker lights signifying any clearly defined edges. the exterior was glowing a reddish tone of color; moreover, i could not see any type of structure to suggest conventional engine configuration, at least nothing i have ever seen on an aircraft. the shape of the craft was similar to that of a rectangle, maybe closer to a cigar shape. my sister was scared, very scared, but i was fascinated by what we were witnessing, something which i perceived not to be threatening, rather it was an opportunity to see something no one else has. i accelerated to get a closer look of the object, but my sister objected to getting closer, so i slowed down. the object hovered across highway 15 (west to east), turned to the south, accelerated away. once again, no sound, no engine blasts, vapor trails, and it left at a speed no man-made aircraft could have executed. i have never thought to report it, but after viewing a broadcast about mufon, i am reluctantly sending this account for your review. i attest this is a factual account, not a fabrication. i have searched for answers, only to come up empty. hopefully, you can find out what it was. if there are any doubts to the veracity of my statement, i submit to whoever is reading it that i am certified law enforcement officer of over 20 years experience. the experience of seeing, first hand, an object i know was not of this earth, fascinates me. thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Credit: MUFON

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