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Monday, August 28, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Old Forge, Pennsylvania on 2017-07-03 19:33:00 - Approched over north horizon just above trees. hovered. shot straight up to 500ft. hovered. drifted south toward me. hovered. drift nw. enveloped in intense whiteblue light. disappeared. ext light flash pattern was abnormal and alternated periodically.

we were on my front porch, when i believed i saw a chinese lantern approach over the northern horizon then through a small wisp of cloud. at first the only lights were crimson red and there were two of them. then the red lights went out and smaller green and blue lights began to flash back-and-forth. then the blue and green lights went out and out red lights came back. in between these times they would go out for short periods of time. when no lights were visible i could see a definitive structure against the back ground of the sky. after it came through the cloud it shot straight up like a bullet to about 500 feet then drifted south slowly toward us, untill it was nearly right above us. it was then i saw the definite shape of a triangle. it then hovered still for about 10 minutes, before drifting slowly in a north west direction. when it reached the distance where i almost couldn't see the outline anymore of it, all lights went out for a short period, then a very intense white blue light enveloped the whole craft, then got even more intense, before winking out and disappearing completely as if it warped through a portal, disappearing completely. the time spent reviewing the craft was around 15 minutes. not even 10 minutes later, two black military helicopters appeared out of nowhere and seemed to circle the area for a short time. then they seemed to return to wherever they came from. they were unsuccessful in making contact with the craft. when it initially shot upwards, the fluidity of that motion was unlike any maneuver i've ever witnessed from any other aircraft. one might say it is a impossible maneuver given that it was very still, then suddenly ascended at a rapid rate. the cell phone seemed to be affected and made it difficult to film. but we did manage to get two short videos, and i uploaded them to my youtube account. my name on my youtube channel is "jesse bauer". my profile picture is a picture of me playing guitar. i add this information because my phone no longer has the video on it it only exists on youtube. they are titled ufos over old forge part one and part two. two of our cell phones were unable to maintain filming the craft, that is why the videos aren't the best. but it does show there was something in the sky. the videos mysteriously disappeared off of my phone and a friends phone the next day. approximately 20 people in all witnessed the event. some neighbors were visibly shaken from witnessing the event.

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Credit: MUFON

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