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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Cape Town, Western Cape on 1996-04-09 01:04:00 - We saw a craft over in the distance and it approached us

It was weekend i can't exactly remember the exact date and time.It was long ago and late .My brother returned back home after visiting a friend.My brother suffered from asma and when he got home he realised he had forgotten his inhaler at his friends house .My mom said we need to go and get it as he may need it.My brothers friends house was not far from where we lived five minutes walk.We crossed the main street brighten street as we crossed all three of us noticed this craft in the distance.It was about 2 kilometres away hovering over farmlands north east from our location.It gave me the the impression of a helicopter with a bright light only one light no other light like a star and no sound very stable and the light was different to our lights we have on aircrafts .We were heading towards zoo park as we were headed to wallaby walk street.I said in a joke it must be a ufo and as we walked through zoo park the craft headed towards us not knowing what it could be we walked faster.It was like whatever it was it could read my mind.At this stage we were feeling afraid not knowing what it could be.It was like nothing i have ever seen before no sound smooth no navigation lights only a steady bright light under the rear of the craft.The craft headed towards us in a straight line and then did a sharp 360 turn right over us.My brother just stood there stairing straight up as the craft was doing the 360 turn over us it stopped right above us no sound just like wind wish sound it must have stopped for 5 sec .I could see the light reflecting on the bottom of the craft.It looked shinny around the light i could also see matt black on the under caridge as well.The light reflected on the craft i would say a metre away from the light source.I said to my brother come on as my mom was holding my hand we were afraid.I was afraid a beam would come down and take him away.The craft continued with its 360 turn and picked up speed in a short time it was heading north and continued on the same altitude all the time we stood and watched it as it flew further away until it was gone. my brother and i we always would stay up late in the back yard with dads telescope sky watching.We have noticed strange things before ,but this would of been greatest off all.

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Credit: MUFON

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