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Sunday, August 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in London, England on 2017-08-05 18:00:00 - It's an area over london where i've seen these orbs and anomalies 4 times in the past year with the first observation at 1,000 metres only

I just came out of my house at 5.30 pm ish south of london when i saw the object glittering and shining. it was high up in the air but because the sky was very blue you could see very well. i observed several orbs and balloons hovering around together . the orbs were bright white and the balloons were red and glowing and pulsating as bright as light bulbs. the movement of the tether , which was glowing and shining like the rest of the balloon, was weird going back and forth as if man controlled - not free. while checking one of the films and reducing the speed/ increasing sharpness i spotted a couple of orbs shooting at great speed ( see attached film). that' confirmed i was witnessing something out of the ordinary. the second observation was what appeared to be a conical shape which seemed to swirl upon itself morphing into different bright white shapes. i filmed it quite a while. it was extremely shiny and appeared from where i stood to be moving downwards . i lost sight when it disappeared behind the houses and trees. upon slowing down the films ( taken on my iphone 6s) with some software i have downloaded i spotted some extremely fast moving objects that turned out to be white orbs - one of which turned into a cylinder metallic form for a fraction of a second. i live on a path to heathrow airport and planes fly above my house at about 1,400 metres. the object were higher up for some but lower for others. for instance i could see the balloon and tether of one of the glowing "balloons" well enough to state that they were not that high. i've also witnessed an orb flying fast (but not supersonicly fast) at around 1,000 metres height only. i could see it's cloudy and hazy exterior shape well enough.

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Credit: MUFON

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