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Sunday, August 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Oscoda Township, Michigan on 1962-06-30 00:00:00 - a light appeared overhead no sound hundreds of feet in diameter

In july of 1962 my buddy jack and i went camping and fishing on the pond behind foote dam near oscoda michigan. each night we would troll for walleyed pike from approximetely 9pm to 2am each night at 11pm five b52's would take off from wurtsmith airforce base and five would subsequently land. it's very impressive having those "monsters" fly right overhead as they take off and land. we fished approximetelly 2 to 3 miles from the end of the runway. during the day numerous fighter jets took off and landed right over our campsite. one particular night at about 12 midnight, the quiet set in after the jets completed their takeoff and landings. you must realize we were in the middle of the pond.2 1/2 miles from either shore in complete darkness.We covered our flashlights with red cloth to save our ability to see if we had a backlash on our fishing reals.There was no light nor sound. all of a sudden a light went on overhead. looking up we saw a huge ship, hundreds of feet in diameter right above us.There was no sound. it was flashing all sorts of colors.It was immense and terrifying. almost immediatelly it seemed that numerous fighter jets came pouring out of the runway. slowly the ship rose until it appeared the size of a half dollar and zoomed to the west almost instantly. we motored to camp immediately and built a huge bondfire and discussed what happened.At 5am we to sleep. at 11 am we travelled to the dam store and bought food, what i cannot remember.Near the dam was a swimming site with picnic tables a boat launch and hundreds of people with radio's blasting rock and roll music .At 12 noon the news came on and the news was all about the ufo that was seen by apparently thousands of people. police phone lines were overwhelmed with callers.At 12:15pm the newscaster went to music. as i glanced at my watch it read 11:58am. jack's watch also read 11:58 am, the question is: where were we for 17 minutes.For 54 years i've tried to recall more but have not been able to. during the summer of 1968 my fiance (now my wife)and i saw a huge silver metallic clindric object many hundreds of feet long moving west against the prevailin winds, again no sound in up state new york lower catskill mountains.

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Credit: MUFON

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