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Sunday, August 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Vineland, New Jersey on 2014-08-04 23:45:00 - This white orb was hovering above the train tracks then decided to descend and finally dissapeared.

On august 4,2014 i was working at a packing company on the boulevard in vineland nj.I just got off from work at 11:30 pm.I got on my bike and started heading northbound on the boulevard towards my house.Around ten to fifteen minutes of pedaling i decided to look up at an airplane that was very high up in the air.Then a few seconds later i decided to look again at this plane.When i did ,i all of a sudden see with my peripheral some bright light.I turned and looked and there was this bright white basketball size round orb just above the train tracks.I got confused and started thinking what this object probably is.So i went thru a list of possible things that it could be,for example:a firefly,radio controlled toy like a helicopter or plane etc..Then after this i realize that is the real deal.I panicked and got very afraid and confusion set in.Did not know what to do ,wether try to run away or call for help.I soon realize that i dont stand a chance against this, in case it wants to kidnap me.So i builded up my confidence.At this time the object started to move foward and descend.I kept following in my bike,but it was faster than me,so i kept following it the best that i could and watching it from some distance now.From about 200 to 500 feet away.This orb was noiseless the whole time.I saw that it descended very low and it cross the intersection of northeast boulevard and elmer rd. over to the other side of the boulevard.At this point i thought that this white orb was going to land in the middle of the road.When it was about approximately 6 feet from the ground,this round object dissapeared.This time i couldnt believe what i was seeing ,i was speechless and really confused.It was time for me to decide ,should i go over and take a look to see if i find it or just continue home. i decided to look,so i cross over and stopped where i thought was the place that it dissapeared. after two minutes of looking around,i couldn't find it.Then went home and told some family members.

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Credit: MUFON

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