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Sunday, August 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bemovo piskie , on 2017-07-22 22:15:00 - Observed 2 ball like entietys using nightvision optics and thermal optics. how ever it was not visible to the naked eye. and this was not an ir flare

I am a 19d cavalry scout in the 2nd cavalry regiment with the united states army currently deployed in western poland. i'm and expert on vehicle identification but what i saw on the night of july 22nd makes no sense to me. during the night of july 22nd my platoon was conducting a machine gun live fire training exercise on one of the local polish army training areas in the vicinity of bemovo piskie poland. that night i was a gunner on top a stryker armored vehicle manning a m2 .50caliber machine gun. i was also equipped with a psq-20 thermal and night vision optic attached to my helmet. while waiting for dismounted members of my squad to set up their m240 machine gun on the firing line, we maneuver my truck into some brush off the road leading to the range. we were simulating a situation where the dismount team would need to call us for support by fire with the .50 cal and we would evac them out. at around 2215 hours we sat in the brush waiting for the team to call us. i stood in my turret getting my equipment ready. part of that is adjusting my thermal and night vision optics. the psq-20 is one of the latest issued optics to be given to soldiers. as i flipped through the night vison settings i noticed a bright ball like object appear about 100 feet above the tree line in front of me . no of course i just figured it was an infrared flare fired from one the motor platoons training a few km down the road. those types of flares are highly visible to night vision and thermal optics. how ever they also give off a dull red light which is visible to the human eye quite easily. since the psq-20 is a monical type optic it only covers one eye. so i closed my eye which i was looking through the optic with and used my unaided eye to see if it was just a flare, but their was no red glow. i looked back through my optic. the object was still their moving slow down and left. i turned the thermal viewing option on and the object was still there. this object descended for about what seemed like 60- 90 seconds between a part in the trees. once it was below the tree line it seemed to disappear, but that's when the second object appeared. it was in the same intensity of brightness as the first object. as this all happened i continued to scan the object with my optics flipping through the thermal and night vision setting. in night vision it both objects appeared spherical in shape. and glowed bright light green as anything appearing in the infrared spectrum would using night vision. i know this cause we have ir lasers on our weapons that emit beams of light the same in color and contrast. in the thermal setting they glowed a bright red. these objects where extremely hot. how ever both were completely invisible to my naked eye. i wont lie to you i was scared how ever i did my upmost to keep my military bearing. so as the scout i am i kept observing. they did nothing to interfere with our equipment or radios, they made no noise. no wildlife in the area was disturbed by them. once the first object disappeared in the tree line the second object continued to follow the same path as the first. for about 60 seconds this object descended into the tree line and disappeared. at that point i assumed it was over and that it had to have been just a flare and that i just couldn't see the glow of the red light it would have given off. but i was wrong. from the same spot in the tree line from where the objects disappeared from, one object illuminated its self in my night vision setting again. this time the object rose straight up into a parting in the trees. it did so slowly. it took about 30 seconds for it to ascend what may have been about 200 feet and what seemed like 500 meters in front of me. but do to the night and the angle to the object its difficult to gauge a distance. this one object just sat their hovering. as if it was observing me, my weapons, and my armored vehicle. i knew now what i was seeing was no flare. it wasn't a military aircraft, american or polish. it sat their hovering, only visible to my thermal and night vison still. then its brightness in my optics increased in intensity. it got brighter and brighter as if for a second a laser was being shined in my optic. and then it simply disappeared. i sat there stupefied as to what i had just seen. i scanned the tree line, the night sky trying to see if the second object would appear. i stood their griping my .50 cal nervously for about 15 minutes trying to find a trace of the objects again but to no avail. i wouldn't see the objects again. i would keep silent about this. you wouldn't want your nco's to assume that the man they have in charge of several million dollars of army equipment is losing his mind seeing ufo's. i didn't know what to do about this until i heard about mufon. i want someone to listen to my story, someone i can talk to about this. which is why i turn to you. one of the fundamentals of reconnaissance for army scouts is " to report all information rapidly and accurately" i have served the army for some time now and i can honestly say i have no idea as to what it is that i saw that night. but i do know it wasn't man made.

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Credit: MUFON

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