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Sunday, August 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in North Plainfield, New Jersey on 2017-08-06 13:40:00 - Possible ufo sighting with fighter jets/possible extremely low fighter jet training session

08/06/2017 1:40pm - north plainfield, nj - weather: low overcast i was watching tv in my living room. the balcony door was closed. i begin to hear a faint roaring sound. the sound got louder and louder to the point that my cat was alarmed and looking for the source. i went out on my deck at about 1:50 to investigate. after looking at the highway expecting a truck making the racket, i look up at the sky. to my amazement, i see a extremely low plane. i thought that must be the source. the roar was easily 3x higher than an normal passenger plane, which i have never heard while the tv was on in the 10 months i lived here. the plane did not look like a passenger plane either. the wings were shaped much different than passenger planes. my area gets air traffic from multiple airports, big and small. as it got closer i realized that this is a fighter jet! i was immediately taken back because this thing was going to be flying almost completely overhead. getting closer i noticed i could actually see a pair of missiles shillouetted in the center of the wings (see fig). i could not believe how low this jet was and i felt that it couldn't have been save or legal. this jet flew at about a 45 degree angle by the time it pasted my apartment building. once it passed over head the plane banked hard to the left and began circling eventually ending up going right again but with a greater altitude 55 - 60 degrees. after reviewing photos of the fighter jets that we use i would say this jet was most similar to f-16 or f/a-18 hornet. at this point i notice another object in the sky. this one immediately looks different. it truly looked like the flying disk but tilted in an diagonal position. the downward end was kind of pointed away and to the right of me (see fig). i wasn't sure what this craft was. could have it been a jet too but with reflections and certain atmospheric conditions look like it something else? or was this beyond that? regardless, this object appeared to me to be "floating in the wind" at first but then i saw it start to head towards the right (southwest). the jet continued to circle and climb while maneuvering towards the left side of the unknown object. the unknown object then started moving to the left, towards the jet. their apparent altitudes were different however so it wasn't like they were going to crash. this is when the loud roar became really loud and i witness three more planes come from the west. i could tell immediately that these were planes, not something unknown, and that they were most likely the same type of jet. now i am thinking that this must be a training exercise and because of the heavy and low overcast they are doing their drills much lower, even though the first plane was uncomfortably low. but then the unknown object started to climb and circle around and descend while the planes were all maneuvering in the sky. this seriously looked like a shot in "top gun". i am still in disbelief. all these objects appeared to be dogfighting or practicing evasion techniques. this lasted for about 2-3 minutes. passengers planes were also within the area. they were pretty low too as the other planes and such were dancing with each other. the unknown object then got smaller and smaller and a pretty quick pace as it fled south. the jets did follow pursuit and the loud roaring diminished. about 10 minutes later the roaring was back and growing in loudness. i could hear the jet overhead but didn't see it at first. it was up in the clouds now was flying back north and the roaring faded away. the other jets and the unknown object were nowhere to be seen. another 5- 10 minutes pass and i hear the red shift effect of the roaring jet coming back over head heading in a different direction. this cycle repeated several more times. i got the impression that this jet was searching for something. could be possible that it was just running some type of drills. ultimately i want to know what exactly i saw. is there anyway for me to find out if the military just ran a training mission over my apartment at an extremely low altitude? was the unknown object really a jet and just looked different? and why did the unknown object seem to float around before maneuvering more drastically?

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Credit: MUFON

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