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Sunday, August 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Toledo, Ohio on 2017-08-12 22:09:00 - Diamond shaped flash of light that appeared to come from above our atmospheric level

At exactly 10:09pm on saturday, august 12 2017, both my wife and myself witnessed an unusual flash of light shaped like a diamond in the sky. the incident occoured as we were facing west, 90 degrees from the horizon, and approximately 30 degrees to the north, just beside a small triangle of three stars. the flash was instantaneous, and unlike normal flashes of light, wasn't "round" or spread out like normal light flashes, but rather lit up in the shape of a kite, flashing instantaneously and then was gone. later the following morning i woke up in my room having experienced being on board a very large, dark colored space craft with several other people who were also abducted. the memory of the experience began when myself and the other unknown individuals were all hiding in a crevasse shaped cave in a desert area in the dark. as i came out from the cave, the others beckoned me to not go out. when i did, i saw the large craft, estimated the size of a large shopping mall, and the shape of a kite hovering above us. not heeding the others, i pulled out my camera and started filming the device. the bottom of the craft was a combination of black and grey patterns that were not smooth, but rather some patterns protruded from under the vehicle further than others in box-like mechanical shapes. the other individuals cautiously stepped out from under the cave area that was like the side of a desert mountain and cautiously walked towards where i stood filming the vehicle. in my mind i was tired of having these events happen in my life and no proof of it to show people that it wasn't my "imagination", and didn't care if the vehicle or its occupants saw me or not. without any memory of how, we found ourselves then inside the vehicle. it seemed as if we had entered towards the aft part of the ship and were "float/walking" towards the front. the inside of the vehicle was comparable to an "out of this world" kind of shopping mall in the means of which we were traveling through this long, dark and wide corridor with many "rooms" or structures on each side of us. the "rooms" or structures had "walls", however, they were translucent, and at certain angles we were able to see indescribable creatures inside of them. they neither resembled the common "greys", or "reptilian", rather had more of a shape of rectangular bodies like the shape of cut tree stumps with what appeared to be natural shaped dressings over them with stubby arms and large eyes. the creatures occasionally looked at us as we traveled through the corridor, but not with any form of curiosity or amazement as we had for them. i insisted that i continued filming, and one of the guys in the group was concerned that it would cause trouble for us and pleaded that i stopped filming. angry that this was the fourth or fifth time i have been abducted, i didn't care what the creatures thought, i was simply determined to provide proof that my past experiences weren't "imaginary" or delusional. i recalled shouting back to him "they can do what they want. they can inject us, implant us, or ravage us, but by god i am going home with proof". my memories of the event end there, and i no longer have the video camera or any film to prove that the event happened. my wife claims that that night i was missing from the bed twice. i do remember getting out of bed one time, however the second time i have no memory of. when i woke up, she could tell i wasn't my self and she asked me "did you have a dream" and i told her "yes". she asked what was it about, and i replied "about being abducted again". after dropping her off from work i realized that i had a powerful craving to eat eggs for breakfast. this is bizarre because i never crave eggs. i don't know if that information is relevant to the incident, however i feel that being an unusual behavior for me to crave such, i would add it to the incident report. this is estimated to be possibly the fifth "abduction" experience i have had in my life. two times in 1988 while in the military, another incident in 1997, and then previously in the winter of 2015. i can neither confirm nor deny whether or not these "abduction" events in my life are real or not, however my wife does admit that she saw the flash of light the same as i did in this report, and descried it the same way as i described in this report.

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Credit: MUFON

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