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Friday, August 11, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Torrington, Connecticut on 2017-04-01 22:45:00 - Driving at night stopped to look at 3 almost stadium lights in the sky in a triangle formation

Triangle craft with 3 bright lights traveling low and fast i was driving home saturday night (10:45 p.M.) april 1, 2017, on a quiet back road and while i drove up a hill close to my home i saw two bright white lights sitting in the sky almost like stadium lights. as i drove closer to the lights and closer to my home i saw that there was actually 3 white lights and the lights formed the shape of a triangle. it is hard to estimate the size of the craft and the height of it but this craft was lower than any other plane that i've seen in my life. i stopped in the middle of the road to try and take a picture, at this point i realize the craft is moving and is moving pretty quickly southeast. i quickly take one picture that didn't turn out well and drove quickly to my home about 200 yards away, i race inside to gather the attention of my family and by the time i got my family and i out on the deck the craft had just passed over the tree line. the night sky was clear there were very little clouds in the sky so the visibility was clear the moon was in a waxing crescent phase so it wasn't giving off much light. the 3 white lights of the craft were extremely bright, brighter than any star or plane i've seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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