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Friday, August 11, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Gulf Breeze, Florida on 2017-08-10 00:00:00 - Entity, not ufo

Okay, so my trash can has been getting knocked down by black bears in my area. i put out a trail cam hoping to catch a picture of the bear. it's been knocked down and clawed up about 10 times, but i can never seem to get the trail cam to snap a picture of it. well this morning my trash can was down, and i was bored so i grabbed the sd card out of the trail cam and looked over all the pictures hoping to see a pic of the bear once again. i don't believe i captured a bear. i don't know what this is. i tried to convince myself this is the "clouds" effect where you see something like snoopy in the clouds... but i just keep looking at it, and looking at it... and i thought i would let others see it. it's impressive to me. i have uploaded the 2 pics that were snapped by the trail cam back to back. in the dark photo is where the creature is. it appears to be peaking around the side of the light pole. the reflection on the pole is from the trail cam. (you have to zoom in, but not very much, to see the eye sockets, nose, and mouth area) the second pic is what happened to the trash can. i don't have a good in between. that would be the money shot of all money shots... i don't know how this bear/creature whatever it is, keeps evading my trail cam. i thought it was worth sharing. hope you enjoy. i have had 2 strange events since living here. i thought i'd share those as well. i had what looked like lightning bugs hovering above my bed. my wife was sleeping, i looked up and they formed 3 people out of light. they looked like zeus type characters... they just stared at me then disappated. maybe just a dream, felt real though. i had been sleeping and "woke" up to it.. maybe it was a dream like where you go to get milk, but you never got up, and swore you drank milk the next day. lol the second time... i heard my boxer lilly was barking outside of my girls room at night. i walked out there to see what she was barking at. as i took the corner of the house, she took off right towards me running. i thought maybe someone was chasing her. then a light, which looked like it was from a spot light on a helicopter... it was on the ground, not hovering.. came right behind her, sort of chasing her... i looked up to see if there was an aircraft/helicopter, and there was nothing... i looked to see if maybe someone's headlights were shining through my fence creating a weird effect. there was no one out driving.. as the dog ran by me the light appeared to have jumped off the ground into me.. i looked behind me to see if it passed through me, and it had just stopped. not sure what happened that night... maybe there was a car somewhere at a weird angle. enjoy the pictures.

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Credit: MUFON

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