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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Monroe, Louisiana on 2017-08-13 13:24:00 - Driving down interstate, see funny object, got out phone in token to take a picture. turned around to look at it and it wasn't gone

it was 1:24 in the afternoon on sunday, august 13th. i was driving to watch the final day of the pga event with my grandfather who lives 30 miles east of me. the interstate runs through some pretty rural areas, and in some places it is completely wooded. about 2 miles before a small town on the way, i see an object hovering what looks to be about 20 feet over the top of full grown oak trees. this area of the interstate is wooded and has no homes or landscaped properties. i pulled out my iphone 7 in time to snag a picture of the object from the front windshield over my car. as i passed the object i looked back to get another glimpse of it, but it vanished before i could do so (and let me tell you, i was looking hard). i was the only person in my car. there were a few cars in front of and behind me, but unfortunately i wasn't acquainted with any of them. i was driving 75 mph and could only get one picture without putting other drivers in danger by not paying attention at the wheel. i've been living here for 26 years, driving up and down that same stretch of interstate, and have never seen anything like it in my life. nor has my father, brother, sister, brother in law, multiple farmers, pilots and just about everybody i know. nobody can give me a good explanation of what it might be. it's not balloons because they weren't moving in the wind, and they weren't rising or falling. there was no string or rope attached to it anchoring it in place. pieces of the object on its right superior, right inferior, and dorsal side. i'm a realist and i don't jump to conclusions by making guesses as to what it could be. i don't attribute coincidental or improbable events to superstitions. this post is my attempt to see if anybody else has seen objects like this or knows what it may be. it's driving me crazy that nobody knows what it is!

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Credit: MUFON

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