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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Shelton, Washington on 2017-07-31 21:30:00 - In woods, quiet environment, silent object, dusk, thought it was iss until it veered left. no flashing, moved at aircraft speed.

Was on evening walk, july 31, 2017, in my neighborhood out in the [mason] county, rural area - at about 9:30pm, during some casual stargazing on the way home, i noticed in the northwest sky about 45 degrees up, a large steady "chrome-like" white-ish light, steady, not flashing, move at apparent piston aircraft speed [viewed against the dusky late evening sky, about 40 minutes past sunset, technically on the bright side of twilight] but emitted no sound, and since the rural environment is fairly quiet at night [just soft wind rustling through trees], i judged the object to be silent. at first i thought it was a large satellite or maybe the iss, until about a minute or two into watching it, it veered left, accomplishing the direction change from [approx.] nw to ne, in about half a minute. the object headed approx. ne for another 2 minutes until it went over the horizon. it passed by some stars, which it dwarfed in size, it seemed to be about the size of a bb at arm's length, easily larger-seeming than any other planet or star. it was too far away for me to discern anything other than an approx. [foreshortened] egg-like shape, could not tell if the light was solid or segmented, remnant smoke was in the evening sky from an earlier nearby fire, so the viewing was not as clear as normal. i wished i had my binoculars with me then. no other aircraft were in the sky. only tall trees were in the way, i stepped around so as to be able to keep the object in sight for the whole 4 minutes or so i watched it traverse the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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