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Thursday, August 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kalispell, Montana on 2017-08-01 00:00:00 - Orange moving/stationary orbs, red white and blue aircrafts, bright big light until sunrise

I was at a house on whitefish stage road in kalispell close to jagz restaurant, and i started watching the stars come ou on july 29th at 1:00 amt. i noticed some were kind of fluttering but not twinkling with light, i started to look around more and seeing that the stars all low to the horizon were like that and they had a reddish orange tint to them. these were no stars, and i was so curious as to what they were, that i stayed up all night watching them hover around the area in sequential order. they seemed to surround themselves around one large bright "star". this happened till i fell asleep at 4 am. the whole week i've been watching them all night; seeing them get almost 35+ feet away from our house. some looked like drones with red white and blue lights, some looked like jets, and some looked like stars that formed into triangles,diamonds, and pairs. i only witnessed them at my house on garland other than the first siting by whitefish stage. they seem to be watching us, surrounding our neighborhood and getting uncomfortably close to my home and my friends who also saw them' homes. they are extremely loud and sound like a vacuum cleaner or jets; sometimes the lady bug fireworks that shoot into the sky. they glow orange when high up,blink blue red and white in sequences, or hover low with just a bright light. one large light in particular stays hovering in the ne e all the way until complete daylight and it seems to have a powerful almost invisible light beam shining in slow 360 degree circles. not to mention, a few nights, we watched the smaller orbs form lines and surround the large bright light. the lights usually start to come from the east behind a hill or mountain and just disintegrate after crossing the complementary direction of the earth. i don't know what's going on with kalispell, but this is not normal at all. picture 1: hovering above kms, the bright light doesn't fade like stars -5:36 am 8/4/17 video 1: this was extremely close to our house by kms -3:06am 8/3/17 video 2: one of the hovering orbs that look stationary (building lights under it) -8/1/17 4:37 am video 3: the first video i have of the objects on whitefish stage road -7/29/17 4:37 am note: i had recordings with better quality with the ufo's even closer but my phone immediately died after the aircraft flew over us. my phone was at 62%, i was still at the same percentage when i turned it on, but the video was no where to be found, along with starred websites with what little info i could find online...There's something very suspicious about this.

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Credit: MUFON

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