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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Rydal, Georgia on 2017-08-21 22:10:00 - Witnessed a triangular object embodied in a circular pattern emitting a smokey haze and spinning in a vertical pattern

The following is a report of a definite ufo sighting with two witnesses in barstow county georgia.. on the night of august the 21st, i was in a friend's back yard when all of the sudden i felt thoughts entering my mind that were somewhat bizarre and felt the inclination to look up (this was many hours after the eclipse had taken place). i'm still trying to digest what we witnessed. let me also say that both me and my friend are of sound mind and were not on medications or anything of that nature and we are both sure of what we saw and agreed upon it's characteristics to a tee. so much so that we drew a picture of it afterwards. it was a spinning, transparent, triangular object embodied by a circle in the middle. this is what seemed to be emitting a smoke or haze of some kind. at times the smokey haze was so thick that it was difficult to tell it was there, but it was clearly visible at others. it also had three pulsating circles (one on each tip of the triangle) that emitted shades of green, red, blue, and more) and was spinning at an incredible rate of speed. it was spinning vertically rather than horizontally like most people think of when they think of the average ufo i've heard discussed. it descended behind tree cover for a moment, i got my friend's attention, and we both saw it ascend back high into the sky, hover while spinning, and then flew from south or southeast in a northerly direction, at a speed way faster than any aircraft i've ever witnessed. we both were speechless and didn't say anything for a few moments. while trying to digest what we had both just seen, we saw what was obviously multiple military aircraft flying in the same flight pattern that the ufo had traveled. the first couple were flying at incrible speed, but there were 4 planes altogether that followed the flight path of the ufo afterwards. the first couple following it were still only traveling maybe 20-25% as fast as the ufo and were traveling at mach speeds most likely.

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Credit: MUFON

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