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Thursday, August 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2017-08-22 05:10:00 - Strange orbs escorted me and my girlfriend home

It all started after a night of gambling at the local casino, me and my girlfriend had decicded since we gave the casino aboit 300 bucks that we were done and ready to leave, so we cashed our tickets in and left through the front door to gain access to the parking garage where we had parked, so we get in, start up, and began to drive alongside of the casino and we get up to a stop light on the side of the casino i look up to my right and about what seemed like 60 or 70 feet above but in front of the casino was this bright basketball sized floating object and its just still and stiff as a board, the stop light tham began to change so we drove on, it was just about a minute before i turned around in my seat a noticed it was following us, we than get on the highway and the strange orb of light lowers and gets on the passengers side of the car where i was sitting and flies just right above the trees at the same pace of our car, i then realized there was a smaller object i absolutely couldnt believe it the thing was literally no bigger than a dime in shape and diameter, it glowed very brightly and trailed about 15 - 20 feet behind the initial orb that had been following us , i thought , this is absolutely astonishing but a part of me still feared them, i then began to take pictures of the orbs as we drove on the highway but the dime sized orb was to small for me to catch in a photo, we soon come to the end of the highway and take the streets home, well at the end of this particular highway it curves into a street that takes us all the way home and at first the orb kept strait but as we curved it dropped lower and curved just as we curved , this left me in absolute shock as it now had shown some type of definate intelligence and clearly really was following us , in the mist of the ufo following us we had forgotten that we had no ciggarettes we then pull into our local gas station which is only about 3 minutes from our house to get the smokes and i noticed the orb was not in site, well i come out of the gas station and get in the car we began to pull off and just hovering above the gas station at about 250 feet is the same strange orb following us once again on our 2 miute journey now home and just before we even pulled up to our block the orb flew overhead of our car and gained about 800 feet in altitude and hovered above a friend of mines who lives directly next door's house, me and my girlfriend see this and quickly decide to park right out front so we did and went inside

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Credit: MUFON

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