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Monday, August 21, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Hyderabad, Telangana on 2015-01-01 22:15:00 - Polished black tetrahedral-ish craft with golden spherical aura-like shield; moving east to west. first appeared in east as a star-like golden-brown light; very big light, then saw it full.

Bismillah peace be upon you; around the 1st of january 2015 (i am saying around because that is the date i wrote the event down in my diary with... i lost the diary... so the date is approx. but i can guarantee, it happened in that time-span) first: i was 13 years old, and had given up ufos and stuff for months. we live in the flat 401 which on the left: eastern side to say. it was night; i was doing my homework in my room as normally; but my mother was lying behind me, on my bed (due to some reason). she asked me to close the window, so i normally got up and went to the window. infront of the window (to somewhat left) is a function palace. i saw; at first a star-like figure (by star-like i mean the twinkle star we draw when small, made up of simple straight lines, that are simply horizontal, verticle and diagonals), it was a light, as if a reflected beam of light, i knew it was not a distant star, because this star-like light formation was too close to be star, it had a golden brown colour, it moved towards the west: towards arabia. it continued moving west when it finally lost its star-shaped figure. it now was a spherical golden-brown aura (like some sci-fi high-tech shield). it opened from the virtual center of the side which i was watching, like something from a moving. and lo! it was a tetrahedral-ish polished-black craft, with somewhat crystal-gray(ish?) apparent from windows. naturally, i immediately started calling out everyone, i went into my grandparents' flat and called everyone, they came. my brother came into the balcony and when i pointed towards it, he said: "it's just a normal airplane, duh." only my other brother believed me. still, i could see it: clearly a polished black tetrahedralish aircraft with no wings or cylinder! my mother saw it too and was surprised. thank god, i immediately drew what i saw and wrote down in detail. the next day, suddenly i found a weakness inside me, i was unable to speak at times due to reasons unknown, i simply found it hard to do so, and had some weird dreams that night (maybe abduction?). i rest my case, god is my witness.

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Credit: MUFON

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