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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 2017-08-06 21:16:00 - Two orbs sighted over mt. lemmon

Sunday, august 6 9:16pm tucson, az just as i was going to take a walk from my tucson apt. to view the the santa catalina mountains, i noticed two orange orbs slowly moving together in a west/northwest direction right above the santa catalina range (northeast of tucson, az). i would guess the distance between the pair of orbs was somewhere between a quarter of a mile to a mile apart. the two orbs were pulsating very slowly, a pulse wave that slowly shifted from an orange hue to a white hue and back to orange again. the pulse rate interval was about 1 second. as i was taking pictures of the event from my apartment balcony, i noticed that the two orbs that were moving (floating) along the range had suddenly stopped and were now hovering (roughly 3-4 thousand feet) over an area between mt. lemmon and the santa catalina foothills for about 40 seconds. then the orb on the right side begin to slowly descend (straight down) into the trees along the santa catalina ridge (15 second descent). the orb on the left side also descended (straight down) at roughly the same speed into the trees along the ridge, but about 10 seconds after the one on the right side had already landed or disappeared into the trees. the orbs landed at different points on the mountain (maybe a mile apart from one another). from my apartment building, i would guess i was about 10-15 miles away from this event, as mt. lemmon is about 15-20 miles northeast of tucosn. about 20 minutes later, a blue pulsating orb appeared on top of the range (near the mt. bigelow radio towers). it pulsated for about 30 seconds. it looked a little like a transformer blowing up in the distance, but without the bright flashing quality. about 20 minutes later, i noticed an orange orb reappearing at roughly the same location that the orb on the left side had landed. i could see the orb moving (way faster than the speed of a car) through the tree lines (to the east) on the mountain for a few seconds. then it was quite. i watched the mountain for another hour after the initial event, but i didn't see the orbs again. note: this event occurred on a very clear and dry evening, a couple of days into a break from the monsoons (no clouds, rain, and/or lightning in the area).

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Credit: MUFON

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