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Saturday, August 5, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Colusa, California on 2014-07-28 00:00:00 - Chinese man shape shifted to reptilie being

Clara, my dog and i used to sit out on the door step at night and watch this gigantic white owl that would make this clicking sound like "clock clock clock clock", land in a huge oak tree across the street and morph taller and shorter as it jumped around strangely on a certain branch. we would see gigantic all grey raccoons and i thought clara was manifesting them, and of course ufos all the time. anyway, i saw a chinese man walking up the sidewalk at 3 am, smoking a cigerrete by holding it under, like a european and one arm behind his back, as he past me he nodded, and so did i. i thought it strange being so late, he walked around the corner and was gone. a week later, clara and i saw the same chinese man, appear in the same place, a block and a half to the east, smoking his cigerrete in a weird way at 3am, this time when he walked by, he smiled and said very softly and meekly "hello" and bowed his head, and i returned the same, "hello", and bowed my head. his hard sole shoes would make a clatter in the still of the night, in this small rural farming town, virtually no one was out. a week after that, i slept with the double front doors open into my studio type home for ventilation and listening to crickets and bullfrogs. at 3am i heard the sound of the chinese man walking closer as he got to my door, he stopped, and turned and looked in at me laying on my matress on the floor. this time he had like a hooded jacket, and a reptilian face. we both just starred at each other for about 10 seconds , i was examining his face and noticed, he had eye sockets, but no eyes. he had a brow ridge and small slit for a mouth. the scales look that of a snake and had a bluish black color to it. he turned and continued walking, but wasn't smoking a cigerrete this time, but had the same shoes sound, clattering and faded away. i felt he was the chinese man, but was seeing a reptile being.

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Credit: MUFON

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