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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Norwich, England on 2017-02-20 20:30:00 - First saw at a distance, lots of lights on it. then close up and hovered.

My mother had died in august 2016 so i was on my way to see my father. i had to take a different root as work was being done on the road i normally took. i was driving my car to take the back roads, as i was taking the roundabout near my home address i could see what i thought was an aeroplane from a distance swerving round as though it was circling to land. i then see it slowly descending very near where i was going round a bend. the reason i had a good look at the object was that i thought the front beams were extra bright and also there were lots more lights around it, so thought it was too many lights for an aeroplane. the thing was, it was very slow circling and descending as the airport would be in opposite direction and it was very low in the sky. it was already dark at about 8.20pm, so noticed it easily. as i got round the bend slowly still with the object in my sight, i saw it hovering above some houses on my right side, which is the drive side of my car. i immediately pulled over to the side of the road, not believing what i was seeing. i can't explain what i was seeing but it had lots of lighting on board, what looked like windows at the side, hovering over houses, it must have been about two and half roofs long just sitting there no sound what so ever. people further up the road were in their garden and i was thinking (can't they see this). i was looking at the object for a good few minutes, it was about 200ft away from my car and hovering about 100ft above the houses.The lights were not as bright as they were when it was in motion, mainly red and whiteish lights. i couldn't see any life inside it but it must have been piloted by something. anyway the people up the road had gone in doors and now i was sitting in my car on my own, looking at this thing. i now started to get very nervous as i felt it was watching me so slowly started to pull away, as i did so the craft went slowly off the opposite way to me. i felt it was watching me as it's weird how it started moving away as i did. i'm sorry that i can't explain in more details of what i have seen but i do know that it was a ufo. i don't really care if people don't believe me, i don't know exactly what i saw but it was intelligent and definitely not a plane or helicopter as they don't hover 100ft above houses without sound.

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Credit: MUFON

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