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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-08-02 13:22:00 - I noticed a black diamond shaped object that seemed to move and then stop and then move again. i recorded it with an iphone 5.

I was having a very stressful day as i was getting ready to head out of town because my grandmother crossed over. i headed out back to ground myself a bit because i was in a state of shock. when i got to the end of the building, i noticed a black object in the sky moving eastward. the sky was full of relatively low cloud cover. i had just captured a metallic object on video the week before, so i started to wonder if someone was playing games with me and setting off balloons in the neighborhood. i decided the pull out the iphone and record it anyway, just in case. at first i seriously thought it was a clump of black balloons, but it seemed to kind of change shape a bit. i began recording it and immediately felt it following a different flight pattern. it seemed to move and then hover. at one point i moved to my left to make sure to keep it in frame, and it literally accelerates out of the shot. at this point i was fairly sure it wasn't a balloon, but i ran out front to make sure. i figured if it were a balloon, it would be long gone...Or at least much higher in the sky. by this point i had experienced at least a couple of ufo sightings, so i figured if it wanted to be seen, it would still be there. i ran to the front of the apartment to see if i could capture anymore. by the time i got out front it was still there, and i was able to get about another two and a half minutes of video. it did seem to flip and dance at times, and then would suddenly start moving in the same easterly direction. the curious thing were the people standing by. there were at least two people on the sidewalk to the north of me. one of them actually looked up and saw me holding the phone up towards the sky and filming… both stayed focused with their heads down looking at their cell phones. this is by far one of the most usual, vivid and relatively ‘close’ realtime video captures i've ever knowingly encountered (i've caught quite a few by accident) this happened in broad daylight in public, and i’m still not certain anyone else saw this. in one of the video clips provided, another ufo crosses in and out of the shot doing an almost 90 degree turn. i looked at an embossed version of the clip in the editor and it clearly flies above the tree. when looking at the closeups of the 2nd object, it vividly changing shape as well. also an "orb" crosses the shot from the lower left up to the thru the top of the frame. this was a very busy capture.

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Credit: MUFON

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