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Sunday, August 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on 2017-08-05 22:40:00 - Object with bright red light, light went off, but object was still flying easterly direction

I was on my way to do some laundry and was walking down the street and in the distance to the west i saw a very bright single red light. i have seen hundreds of planes and helicopters of all kinds living in the city and i have never seen a shape or color red light like that so i observed it heading easterly in my direction. about a block down (1 min or so)the red light was just about over me in the sky. bright red light looked to be in the bottom center of the object as it passed. as it passed the light went off. planes and copters never shut off lights so this perplexed me even further. looking very hard for the object i did see it continuing in the same path but without the light and it was a hazy dark object but was sorta reflecting the star light. it was not flying at a very high altitude like a coast to coast flight and was not the space station or stars. i lost site of the object as it headed east and was too dark to make out against the darkness. no noise at all. i do want to say i do live in a landing corridor for planes coming into ord (ohare) but this was lower at all times then when planes come into land and it was heading in w to e, whereas the landings come in from e to w. my best guess as to how high it was off the ground is about 500-1000ft. when the light went off and it was cruising along the object had a weird haze over it sorta like invisibility cloak look in halo or ghost in the shell but just like in them you could see something was there just not details. it was by far the weirdest object i have seen in my life and in that area. i have lived over the same area for a decade and never have seen a red light like that before. red lights on the planes overhead are not as crimson colored as this light and this was only 1 light and again no noise what so ever. landing planes are very very loud near me and helicopters make noise cause of the buildings sound reflects off. the big shock was the light to start but then when it went off and it was still there cruising, planes never have no lights! i am sorry but my phone is about 5yrs old and the camera/video is bad so no pics or video.

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Credit: MUFON

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