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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Yuba City, California on 2017-08-28 23:30:00 - Three fuzzy white lights in a fixed triangle pattern moved silently from north to south directly overhead

I was standing in the backyard at about 11:30 p.M. and was casually looking up into the night sky at stars towards the south when something caught my eye moving from the north. my immediate reaction was that it was a flock of geese. when i looked directly at them i realized the "flock" was three lights in an equilateral triangle shaped formation moving overhead. the lights were not point lights like i would expect from an airplane or helicopter but fuzzy without defined edges more similar to what would be expected from lights moving through fog or clouds. as it continued to move quickly from directly overhead to the south it began to fade out and then faded back but not as bright and then faded out again, completely disappearing. the entire event only lasted about 5 seconds and the object was completely silent. the size of the object was approximately the size of three fingers width as viewed from an outstretched arm. the 3 lights were each approximately the size of a pencil eraser held from an outstretched arm. other things i had considered these lights to be were satellites, possibly flaring but the object were moving too fast across the sky and the lights much much too large and finally. i also considered that they could be balloons but the shape was an equilateral triangle which would be hard to maintain as well as the lights being fuzzy and fading out so quickly and there wasn't any wind. i considered spotlights but the sky was clear that evening, no clouds. also, although fuzzy, the lights were perfectly round so the spotlight would have had to have been directly underneath pointed straight up otherwise the shapes would have been increasingly elliptical as it moved. there wasn't a spot beam to trace from the ground up to the lights. i considered aircraft but there wasn't any sound. the lights did not blink and they were not point lights. i did not see a solid object but because the lights formed an equilateral triangle and moved in unison it seemed like a single solid object. if so, either it was transparent or the surface reflection was identical to the background night sky. there were stars that evening but as the lights passed overhead they washed out background starlight so i was unable to determine whether it was a solid object or three objects.

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Credit: MUFON

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