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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Danielsville, Georgia on 2017-08-21 14:38:00 - It was a large cube shaped structure casting a shadow behind the cloud and peering out from behind the cloud

We were outside in the parking lot of a local restaurant behind our home viewing the eclipse. i started recording the sun hoping it would get darker than it actually did. we did get to see some stars but the glare from the sun was still bright. but never the less i still recorded it for about 3 min until it was over. there was one cloud not very large but it made it's way in front of the sun. we were afraid it would affect viewing. i was watching through my phone. i did not notice anything at the time of filming just taking in the experience but a few day's later when i reviewed the footage i watched it a few times did not really notice anything i paused it to go se what my dog was barking at and when i came back to finish up i noticed an odd square shadow protruding 3 dimensionally through the cloud so i watched it over a few times and what i saw was and dark shadow that seemed to rotate about 25 degree's to one side protrude for a few seconds through the cloud and the leading edge appeared to stick out from behind the cloud. it was not normal in the motion so i took screen shots and zoomed in on it as well. i have seen a ufo about 10yrs ago and reported it and remembered at work today that you all had this form that we could submit. good thing is this time i have photo's and video. it could be shadows made by the eclipse but i have never seen shadows form into perfect cubes before. i wish i would have recorded more. there was also a phenomena of weird streaks going across the ground about once every few seconds. you can hear us talking about it on the video. we all had this weird feeling that i chalked up to something primordial from our natural reaction to seeing this. everything was so calm no wind no noise it was an amazing experience. i really hope you find this interesting. and i hope i have something here. in the video if you will focus on the grey triangle shadow just below the sun in the cloud and watch it seems to turn on it's side and to the right of the cloud you can see it peek out.

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Credit: MUFON

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