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Saturday, August 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pouso Alegre, State of Minas Gerais on 1988-07-01 00:00:00 - Observed on the sky after visit from known local medium tgm

I have been watching some of the programs on history channel, including "hangar 1", and even though i believe a lot of the information you are sharing is highly speculative, and probably incorrect, i decided to write to share my own experience. please notices that the information shared above is not related to one event but a series of connected events that i will describe below. also, please keep in mind that those events happened more than 30 years ago when i was a child, so i do not remember exact dates, and forgot many details but the below are details that stuck with me. most of those events are connected to a known brazilian medium, who is considered a fraud by most, and he might as well be but i know what i saw, smelled and touched, but interestingly he does not seem to be known in the u.S. i will refer to him by his initials tgm. he is a public figure so i do not think there is a concern about his privacy. let's start from the beginning. sometime between 1985 and 1988, one of my uncle's friends, who was an executive for one of the largest privately held banks in brazil, was dying from cancer. at that time tgm was a guru to many brazilian stars (musicians, writers, actors, politicians) and somehow got introduced to my uncle's friend. i only know what i heard and this is why i believe tgm's story was credible. what i heard was that he told my uncle's friend's family that he could not cure the cancer, but he could make his "transition" painless and peaceful without drugs. he seemed to have held many sessions where he would energize my uncle's friends, and to my knowledge he never gave drugs or anything that he would ingest. my understanding is that my uncle's friend died peacefully and painlessly a few months later. at this point, tgm was introduced to my uncle, also an executive for the same bank, and maybe because my uncle was always unimpressed by celebrities, tgm seemed to like him and seek him out, which was very unusual behavior (since most people sought tgm out). the interesting connection is that tgm lives in a small city called pouso alegre, in the state of minas gerais, where my mom and her siblings were born, and at the time my great grand aunt (now in her late 80's, early 90's) and my great aunt lived. so it came to tgm's attention that my great grand aunt had advanced gangrene in one of her legs (all the way to the knees) and that the doctors were going to amputate her leg. he said that he could cure her and that amputation was not needed. my first contact with tgm was when my family was visiting my great grand aunt in pouso alegre. he showed up at her home for her treatment and they went inside the guest room where we were sleeping. it is important for me to stress that he was not carrying anything at all - no bags, nothing - and we were staying in that bedroom, which only had beds and our bags. nothing else. they closed the door and he would yell his "mantra" which was pronounced "rá" (in english, it would sound like "ha!" with a strong "r"), and as he would yell it, we could see different colors of light coming through the cracks of the door. and i mean really strong lights (and there was no machinery in the room that could be emitting them). everything tgm touched would stay with this strong perfume smell for days, including our hands, after we shook hands - and it would stay on for days, even as we showered etc. long story short on my great grand mother, the gangrene that was at her knee was completely reversed, and eventually receded all the way to her toe. somehow brazilian doctors convinced her to amputate the toe, even though the gangrene had basically completely been reversed on her leg. i remember hearing that tgm was very upset that the toe was amputated because he said he could have cured her completely in a few more weeks. my second experience with tgm was at my uncle's office. the office was on the 11th floor of the building. there were 5 offices with closed doors and no exit, one single entry door right in front of my uncle's administrative assistant, and there were three elevators, also immediately in front of my uncle's admin. what i am trying to say is that no one could enter the floor without us seeing the door opening, or hearing the elevator and seeing the elevator doors opening. i was 13 at the time and i was working for my uncle as a courier (back than 13 was the minimum age for working in brazil; it is 16 now a days). i was talking to his admin and i had my back to the elevators, and she was facing the elevators when we hear a yell "rá". i jump and tgm was right behind me. the elevators didn't make the usual noise when it arrives at the floor, and neither the elevators or the side door were open. it was like he just "materialized" behind me. my uncle's admin and i were clearly startled but also kind of excited because we knew tgm at that point and the whole thing was just crazy. he wanted to see my uncle. he went inside my uncle's office, and after a while he came back out. an elevator door opened but it was going up (there were two floors above us). there was someone waiting for the elevator to go down but tgm walked in the elevator going up. we were observing as the door closed, and then a few seconds later opened again with the arrow indicating it was now going down (like elevators sometimes do) and tgm was no longer inside. is it possible that he could have exited in one of the floors above? yes, but he did not know anyone in the floors above and those floors were highly controlled because higher level executives had offices there. we believe he just disappeared, just like he had just appeared behind me. my third experience with tgm was more interesting. i was visiting by great grand aunt again in pouso alegre but this time my uncle was also visiting, and he decided to go visit tgm at his house. i joined the party. when we arrived at tgm's house he was excited to see my uncle, and started bending coins and spoons with his mind. that is something he often did, and whenever he did that, those objects would stay impregnated with his strong perfume for months (and i mean literally months since i got a couple, which unfortunately i eventually got rid off). then he asked someone to get a bird they claimed to have found dead, which he had put in the freezer. the bird was clearly frozen (like a rock), and tgm grabbed it in his hand and yelled "rá" and the bird went off flying. it may have been some sort of trick but i cannot explain it and i know what i saw. by them, some of the folks were expressing skepticism. a gentleman who was the brother of a very famous brazilian novelist was there, and tgm asked him if he had a coin. the guest pulled a coin from his pocket. thomas asked him for his full name and initials, and then asked everyone what day it was. he then passed the coin around and asked us to read the date on the coin etc. so that everyone knew that he was not replacing the coin. he then asked the guest to hold the coin in his hand with the fist closed, and yelled "rá". he asked the guest to open his hand and look at the coin. the guest was speechless. as the coin was passed around, and i had it in my own hands and saw it with my own eyes, the coin was bent in a w shape (relative to its profile), had the same value and year from the coin that was passed around earlier (it was supposedly the same coin), had the characteristic strong perfume smell, and had the guest's initials and the day (day, month and year!) engraved along the borders of the coin. i have a hard time dismissing this one as a trick unless the guest was placed there, and everyone were in it, except for my uncle, his family and i. when we decided to go back to my great grand aunt's house, tgm said he had to go somewhere and jumped in his truck. he was driving on the highway in front of us, and as i recollect, at some point he moved from the passenger side to the passenger side. we could see like lightning inside his cabin, and the truck kept driving for a while on its own. then eventually he moved back to the drivers side, and eventually we took a different road. we could not explain that occurrence. i have to say, if it was a trick, it was very elaborate, and i should remind you that this was in 1988, so there was no self-driving car back then. heck... pretty much all cars in brazil then, including tgm's, had stick shifts. automatic cars were extremely rare in brazil then, and pretty much no one even had basic cruise control. that was the last time i saw tgm. but a few days later, still in pouso alegre, i remember seeing this thing that looked like a ufo on the sky. i got very excited and called my family to see it but it disappeared in thin air (and pretty much no one believed me). the connection to ufo's here is that tgm claims that when he was a teenager, he was struck by "lightning" and gained his powers then. i am not sure why he changed his name (which was not tgm if i recall correctly). tgm says that then he was abducted by aliens, and that his powers came from the aliens. people close to tgm claimed that sometimes he would disappear for days at a time, and return looking 10-20 years younger. beyond curing people from various diseases, bending coins and spoons, and returning small animals to life, he explained that the reason why he would bend items was to energize them and that his energy could help people be healthy and protect them. now... tgm was a very controversial figure. he was often drunk, cursed a lot, and smoked. most people believed he was a fraud, but i personally cannot explain how he cured my great grand aunt or the other things i've seen when he was around. i have no idea if he is still around, and if mufon has ever heard of him, but you should absolutely investigate, if you haven't yet. in full disclosure, when i was a teenager, i was very much into the new age movement, and my mother was all over the place regarding religious practices. i remember her holding "sessions" with several people in my house, i remember speaking with several different mediums, some of whom would talk to me about events that i hadn't shared with anyone - big and small - and they could not possibly know, and in detail. i am not talking about the garden variety frauds that you can find everywhere that talk broadly and lead people to connect the dots, i am talking about detailed descriptions of events, what i saw, how i felt, and exactly what i did. for a while we also would go to this "macumba" sessions where people "receive spirits" and while some of them were unremarkable, in others i was told about detailed events that only i knew about. again, i cannot explain those things, and i was very young. i believe everything is connected though. i've had a few other paranormal experiences when i was a teenager but i will not describe them for the sake of space here. because i was experiencing all those things, i also devoured books about those topics - from shirley mclaine's books, to madam blavatski's books, to the bhagavad gita, to where the gods astronauts, to the bible, you name it. i read a lot about everything and my conclusion is that no one really knows anything - and those who may know are not telling. i also haven't experienced anything paranormal since i became an adult, and concluded that the more i read, the more questions i had, so i stopped seeking answers, became very skeptical, including of my own experiences, but those highly speculative shows about ufo's on history channel made me want to at least share my experience. i hope this helps and leads to something. if you do any research, i would love to know about your findings - even if it is to debunk tgm. maybe we will all eventually find the truth. i think death itself is a much bigger mystery than ufo's. and although i had my own experiences, and i admit to believing that it is likely that there is life in other planets based on pure mathematics, i also think that if aliens were visiting us, we would know it for sure by now. in the 1980's we didn't have the technology and the surveillance we have today. today we have billions of people with cameras (smart phones) in their pockets. i believe that if there was something out there, someone would have recorded and shared it by now.

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